Love Island EXCLUSIVE: Molly Smith reveals why she and Anton woke up EXTRA early in the villa

Molly Smith has opened up about her fellow Love Island: All Stars contestant

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While we always have to vote for an official Love Island winner, the All Stars series gave us so many to choose from. Molly Smith and Tom Clare took home the title and the £50k, and rightfully so, but this series gifted us with so many golden Islanders that for a second there we really didn’t know who would come in first place.

Sophie Piper and Joshua Ritchie became fan favourites, as did our new number one Scotsman, Anton Danyluk. Known for his trusty breath spray and honesty - sometimes even sharing too much, like that infamous shaving comment - Anton may not have taken home the grand prize, but he did win our hearts, as well as Georgia Harrison’s.

Anton Danyluk
Anton on Love Island All Stars ©ITV

While it may seem like we know everything there is to know about the Love Island 2019 star, more details about this icon are released every day with each new ex-Islander interview. We got even more insider info on Anton on the latest episode of heat's Under the Duvet, where Harriet Rose grilled the king and queen of All Stars, Tom and Molly, about their fellow Islanders’ habits.

While many have been following Anton on his fitness journey outside the villa, it turns out that the gym buff’s fitness routine doesn’t stop when he’s filming a reality show.

Molly said, “Anton needs a bit of routine… he used to wake me up to work out in the mornings. Then I’d have a shower and get back in bed and be like, ‘Good morning!’”

Does this man not need sleep?

Anton Danyluk
Anton didn't let his fitness routine slip in that villa ©ITV

The sleeping habits of Islanders has long been a point of fascination, especially when it was revealed that they’re often kept up until three or four in the morning filming dumpings around the fire pit. This doesn’t leave a lot of time for beauty sleep, and God knows those gorgeous Islanders need it.

Molly filled in this lost time for us, explaining, “Sometimes you won’t wake up until half one or one o’clock when we were filming, it’s really weird.”

The Islanders also have no access to clocks or phones, making their sleeping patterns even more irregular. The fact that Anton managed to fit a few lunges in while not knowing the time of day is especially impressive, and it now makes sense how he became the gym hunk he is today.

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