Love Island EXCLUSIVE: dumped Islanders expose which boy ‘doesn’t have game’

He hasn't had much luck in the villa

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by Emily Vierke |
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This year's series of Love Island has been an interesting one, to say the least.

Joey Essex being the first bombshell of the season, NONE of the girls fancying Sam Taylor but all being obsessed with Ronnie Vint, the Hideaway being open 24/7...

Everything we knew about the dating show has been turned on its head, including the flirting tactics from some of the Love Island lads and by some of, we mean Sean Stone.

jess and sean
Sean trying to sweet talk jess ©itv

If you thought that the TV producers have edited his scenes to make it seem like he is constantly offering up confectionary compliments and pic-n-mix-based praise you would be sorely mistaken.

Recently dumped Islanders Munveer Jabbal and Patsy Field joined us at heat HQ this week where they spilled the tea on their fellow villa mates and it turns out Sean is all about that candy chat.

"Sean, he's lovely," Patsy admitted before adding, "He hasn't got much game, unfortunately."

Okay, but has anyone actually told him that the all that sweet talk is not a vibe?

"I feel like you are seeing that on the screen, he has honestly called someone a fizzy peach in that villa about ten times already," she went on. "I got called a fizzy peach."

patsy isn't sold by sam's chat ©itv

He could at least go for a cola bottle or a BonBon, you know? Mix it up a bit.

"He called me a fizzy peach," Munveer threw in, proving our point.

"I think we need to drop the sweet chat now, it's done," Pasty added but it turns out her fellow dumped Islander has a different theory about Candyman, Sean.

"Nah, he does have game," Munveer added, "Just for the right person."

Munveer thinks there is someone who appreciate Sean's flirting ©itv

To be fair, remember on winter Love Island when Will Young was constantly friend zoned and none of the girls understood his random AF sense of humour? Enter Jessie Wynter who more than matched his energy and now they're practically married.

"Someone is going to lap that up," Munveer explained, "Someone is going to think that's really sweet."

Pun intended, Manveer?

"I think Sean should stay true to himself, stay authentic and that's what he's doing," Munveer went on. "Then he'll either find the person in there or outside."

Reason number 578468949 why Munveer is a real life Prince Charming and was booted out of the villa way before his time.

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