Love Island: Whitney Adebayo’s x-rated villa hack revealed and LOL

Jess Harding spilled the tea on Whitney's podcast


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We have a new money making scheme for the Love Island producers and if they read this and it comes into fruition we want at least 75% of the profits and ALL of the credit.

On the latest episode of her podcast 'WHAT'S IT GIVING?!', Love Island 2023 finalist Whitney Adebayo was joined by the series winner and one of her villa besties, Jess Harding.

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jess was on Whitney's podcast ©itv

Of course, the episode was all kinds of hilarious with the two former Islanders also being joined by Whitney's sister Liz as they offered up their thoughts on the Love Island cast of 2024.

But between them comparing Munveer Jabbal to Whitney's bae Lochan Nowacki and gossiping about All Stars season two, Jess lifted the lid on one of Whitney's villa hacks and here lies our genius idea...

Some sort of book deal with hacks and tricks for potential Love Island stars curated by former contestants and thanks to Whitney we already have one.

"Do you know what she used to do in the villa?", Jess asked Liz as she eyed Whitney and we can almost guarantee that you have NO IDEA what words are about to come out of Jess's mouth.

this is why we love whitney ©itv

"She'd have her cornrows in and she used to get one boob out to quickly and swap the wigs," Jess laughed and it took Whitney's sis all of two seconds to understand why Whit was half naked when she changed her hair up.

"Oh, so they can't record your cornrows because her breast is out?" Liz clocked and with that one anecdote we are even more in love with Whitney than we were before.

"Excuse me sir, that's pornography, producer," Whitney joked, "I was sitting there naked and they're like 'Whitney put a top on.'"

Lochan and Whitney
Lochan and Whitney ©©ITV

"You know they wanna catch that," Whitney went on when Liz wondered out loud why she had never seen her sister without her wig on, "They want me to be a meme."

Whitney may not have become a meme but she was one of the most quotable contestants from her season, in fact we adored her so much we managed to collate her 13 most iconic villa quotes.


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