Love Island: Zach Noble shows off ‘silver fox’ transformation and we are SWOONING

He is still going strong with his Love Island girlfriend Molly Marsh

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There are certain Love Island stars we'll never stop thirsting over. Fair warning, it's going to be one of those articles...

We won't list them all here or we'll get too distracted and end up getting lost down a dark – and thirsty – Google Images hole when we're technically on the clock/part of a skeleton Christmas staff. No, this isn't the time.

Point: some Love Island stars will always be 11s in our book and Love Island 2023's Zach Noble is one of those stars.

We were right there with our Love Island girlies when they caught sight of Zach strutting into the villa as a late addition on day one; their heads turning like hungry blood hounds at his statuesque height, his swagger, his bod, his tatts, his fuzz, his cheeky, stop, dark hole.

On top of all that superficial thirsty stuff, Zach's personality began to unfold after a few days in the villa and the nation discovered he was more than just a pretty everything; he was lovely chap to boot.

Zach and girlfriend Molly in the Love Island villa
Zach and girlfriend Molly in the Love Island villa ©ITV

So surely Zach has reached his peak, right? We have to believe that sat here as a solid 3 out of 10 following three days of festive binging. Wrong – Zach officially entered his 'zaddy' era over the festive break and we weren't ready...

Not only has Zach been hitting the gym harder than, erm, Davide (that might not be true – we know for a fact that Davide was in the gym on Christmas Day, though, which is absolute chaos in our book) since leaving the villa hand-in-hand with girlfriend Molly Marsh, but he's been proudly showing off some seriously sexy salt and pepper hair (and the salt and pepper beard to match).

A 12 out of 10 doesn't exi...

zach noble love island silver hair
Instagram/zachariah_noble97 ©Instagram/@zachariah_noble97

Just before Christmas, Zach took to his Instagram grid to show off his new lewk – with the caption, "Pieces coming together 🧩 2024 pending ⏳" – and the comments were, well, commenting.

One follower wrote, "We love a silver fox 😂."

Another commented, "Ooo the grey hairs are kicking in Zach."

A third wrote, "Silver fox."

Side note, if any of these comments haven't been posted with kind/thirsty intent, then you can get in the bin, quite frankly – we are here for every inch of this "silver fox" transformation.

As much as we'd like to see this bonafide zaddy re-enter the villa next month for the very first Love Island: All Stars, there's almost zero chance of that happening as he is still very much loved up with Molly; the pair finished in fourth place last summer and have been inseparable ever since.

Not. Jealous. At. All.

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