Made in Chelsea’s Chloe Green: her age, husband and what she’s doing now

She dated MIC icon Ollie Locke in 2011

Chloe green

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In the decade that Made in Chelsea has been on our TV screens we have been introduced to a whole host of toffs and totties, some stay for just one season whereas others are in it for the long haul.

Liv Bentley joined the show way back in 2016 and is still a key cast member of the reality show, in fact, her relationship with David 'Temps' Templer and break-up with Tristan Phipps were two of the main storylines in the most recent series.

Whereas the likes of Guy Connelly, who dated Yasmine Zweegers for a hot sec and Funda Onal, who was once upon a time romanced by Spencer Matthews, feature for an episode of two, never to be seen again.

Another person who was part of the SW3 world for a fleeting sec was Chloe Green.

Chloe green
Chloe was on MIC for just one season ©getty

Who is Chloe Green?

Daughter of fashion retail mogul, Sir Phillip Green, Chloe is an heiress and reality TV star.

How old is Chloe Green?

Born 2 March 1991, Chloe is 32 years old.

Chloe green
Chloe green ©Getty (Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage)

Where is Chloe Green from?

She is from London but apparently studied in Monte Carlo. Very boujeé.

When was Chloe Green on Made in Chelsea?

Chloe joined Made in Chelsea as the girlfriend of Ollie Locke all the way back in 2011. She was a new addition for season two but didn't stick around for the third series after her and Ollie called it a day on their relationship.

Ollie and Chloe
Ollie and Chloe dated ©Getty (Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images for Skyy Vodka)

What does Chloe Green do?

Besides reality TV, Chloe also had a role in soap drama Doctors and another TV show called Secrets and Words. Yeah, we don't know either.

Other than that she leads the classic socialite lifestyle of holidays, summers in Monaco and relaxing on yachts.

What happened with Chloe Green and Jeremy Meeks?

Chloe dated Jeremy Meeks and the duo even had a child together, Jayden Meeks-Green, who was born in May 2018.

It was a highly publicised romance as Jeremy became an internet sensation prior to being in a relationship with Chloe, and was nicknamed 'the hot felon,' when his rather dashing mugshot made the rounds on the world wide web.

Jeremy and Chloe
Chloe has a son with Jeremy ©getty

Is Chloe Green married?

Chloe is currently in a relationship with Manuele Thiella. According to The Mail Online the couple married in September 2022, in a "low key ceremony."

Does Chloe Green have children?

She has a son with Jeremy called Jayden and gave birth to her second child, a girl, whom she shares with Manuele, in 2022.

Does Chloe Green have Instagram?

She does not. Chloe deleted her Instagram during her relationship with Jeremy Meeks and appears to have never rejoined the world of social media.

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