Selling Sunset: Made in Chelsea star joins UK cast

The cast of Netflix's Buying London has been revealed

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If there was a reality TV show capable of delivering somebody who could feature on Selling Sunset it was going to be Made in Chelsea.

Sorry Love Island, we understand that you have all the bikinis and beach parties but we just can't picture Chloe Burrows or Joshua Ritchie selling houses worth millions of pounds tbh. No shade.

Also, sorry to Andrew Le Page as we all know that it's a little dream of yours to feature on the real estate programme.

Seeing as Selling Sunset was so wildly successful, Netflix has been working on a UK version of the reality TV show called Buying London and it turns out one of the estate agents has already been on our telly screens.

Rosi ©Netflix

Rosi Walden was on Made in Chelsea series 17 back in 2019, when she joined the show alongside Verity Bowditch and Maeva D’Ascanio.

Fast forward to 2024 and Rosi and several other real estate moguls will feature in the new Netflix show Buying London, hitting the streaming platform 22 May 2024.

Who is Rosi Walden?

The reality TV star turned real estate advisor starred on Made in Chelsea and will be taking part in Buying London when it hits Netflix in May.

Where is Rosi Walden from?

She is from Holland Park, London.

What does Rosi Walden do?

She sells hot af propertjes, obv and also dabbles in the world of reality TV.

buying London cast
The buying London cast ©Netflix

What happened between Rosi Walden and Jamie Laing?

Rosi claimed to have a short fling with Jamie Laing back in 2019 when he was in the early stages of his relationship with Sophie Habboo, his now wife.

We assume Sophie knows what went down as it was all aired on MIC and there is no way in hell that she missed that tidbit of info.

It all came to light when Rosi spilled the tea to Verity during an episode of the show, but Jamie and Sophie were clearly able to get over the indiscretion and are now going strong.

What is Rosi Walden's Instagram?

You can follow her at @rosi.walden.

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