TikTok’s richest beauty influencers raking in the cash

They are making some serious $$$$

tiktok biggest beauty influencers

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Since TikTok blew up during lockdown last year, the addictive app has become a go-to for tutorials and advice of all sorts.

From cooking tips to household hacks, there are millions of videos out there to make your life easier and something we wouldn't be without are the app's insanely talented beauty influencers.

Seriously, these guys and gals will find us dupes (and test them out so we don't have to waste our precious £££), teach us how to nail that 'peachy' beauty trend and of course, how to recreate some wickedly cool eyeshadow looks.

Before TikTok, there was YouTube, so you might not be surprised to see some familiar faces here...

Without further ado, with a big helping hand from Cosmetify, we present TikTok's richest beauty influencers and well, exactly how rich they are (spoiler - it's a lot).

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TikTok's richest beauty influencers - RANKED

TikTok beauty influencers1 of 8

8. Bethany Mota

TikTok: @bethmotaFollowers: 117.1kEstimated earnings per post: £97.92

TikTok beauty influencers2 of 8

7. Camila Coelho

TikTok: @camilacoelhoFollowers: 770.1kEstimated earnings per post: £162.89

TikTok beauty influencers3 of 8

6. Jeffree Star

TikTok: @jeffreestarFollowers: 2millionEstimated earnings per post: £1,645.14

TikTok beauty influencers4 of 8

5. Nikkie de Jager

TikTok: @nikkietutorialsFollowers: 2.8millionEstimated earnings per post: £1,802.16

TikTok beauty influencers5 of 8

4. Huda Kattan

TikTok: @hudabeautyFollowers: 3.6millionEstimated earnings per post: £2,160

TikTok beauty influencers6 of 8

3. Bretman Rock

TikTok: @bretmanrockFollowers: 10.1millionEstimated earnings per post: £6,409.44

TikTok beauty influencers7 of 8
CREDIT: Instagram @marimaria

2. Mari Maria

TikTok: @marimariamakeupFollowers: 13.9millionEstimated earnings per post: £9,432

TikTok beauty influencers8 of 8

1. James Charles

TikTok: @jamescharlesFollowers: 36.1millionEstimated earnings per post: £25,561.44

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In one of the latest TikToks on the Huda Beauty account, the brand shared a Beauty Blender cleaning video and... OMG.

In the video, a soap called 'Zote' is used and, magically, with a bit of scrubbing it turns a whole basin of filthy Beauty Blenders, leaving them looking brand new.

Praise be, you can buy this miracle soap on eBay and, let us tell you, we'll be bulk buying.

And, erm, take this as a reminder that you defffinitely need to clean your make-up sponges.

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