EXCLUSIVE! Love Island’s Coco exposes MORE details about Andrew licking her t-t

The phrase unfortunately will forever be etched into our minds

by Hannah Mellin |

This year's Love Island has provided many BAFTA worthy moments and is probably up there with the most dramatic and quotable series yet. Although Davide Sanclimenti's "you're a liaaaar, actress, get da f--k out" and "you're as fake as the Louis Vuitton from China" are definitely in the running for the quote of the series, we're still unable to get Andrew Le Page's "I licked her tit or whatever" out of our heads.

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We don't know whether it was Andrew changing "sucked her tit" to, "licked her tit or whatever" to make it sound less bad when relaying it all to his now girlfriend Tasha Ghouri or how private/baffling the whole situation was - but the whole moment is probably as iconic as Curtis Pritchard's "I just want to be the person who gets up and makes coffee for everyone in the morning".

However, it turns out that things could have been VERY different, as Coco Lodge has revealed that producers weren't keen on her saying the words 'suck' or 'tit' on prime time TV.

Speaking on heat's Under The Duvet, Coco told presenters Harriet Rose and Christopher Taylor, "[The producers] called me out when I first said it and was like could you say 'intimate body kissing' instead. I think that sounds worse. I was told to word it nicer and Indiyah came up with intimate body kissing.

"I've got no filter and I was just thinking you've literally sucked my tits. It just came out of my mouth."

She then added that she initially thought the awks AF moment wouldn't make it onto the show, "I was shocked that they used it."

Coco's much anticipated appearance on Under The Duvet comes just a day after she candily spoke out about the trolling she endured in an empowering post on Instagram, the cruel comments that were made whilst she was in the villa and the savage way she was portrayed by the edit.

She captioned the post, "Coming out the villa I was greeted by a vile amount of nasty tweets and TikTok’s about my appearance. It was really damaging initially but I will bounce back more resilient 💪

"I’ll never be good enough if I judge my self worth on a strangers opinion. Thank you to everyone I’ve met and who has messaged me with kind empowering words and who was fighting these comments when I was in the villa ❤️ And for those others this is your reminder to #bekind #selflovejourney."

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