EXCLUSIVE Wait, Gemma Owen set to recouple in Casa Amor but it was CUT?

Maybe Adam Collard was right about the £50million princess

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We're over half way through this year's Love Island and compared to previous seasons, there's not much love going down.

In fact, there only seems to be two couples progressing to the next level (talking about the outside world and having a good old snuggle in bed together), Dami Hopeand Indiyah Pollack, plus Gemma Owen andLuca Bish - and even they have had some MEGA blips along the way.

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Love Island or AGG Island? ©ITV

The reason for the lack of love in the most romantic villa in the world? The iconic Casa Amor twist, that caused more carnage in 2022 than any other year, and in which we witnessed Andrew Le Page, Dami and Jacques O'Neill's heads turn so fast they must have got whiplash.

It also turns out that there was a hella lot of drama that went on in Casa Amor that wasn't aired, including a potential connection with Billy Brown and £50million princess Gemma. Oh, and Jazmine's revelation that she had a HUGE connection with Andrew despite him getting together with Coco Lodge.

In the latest episode of heat's Under The Duvet, Harriet Rose and Love Island alumni Chris Taylor were joined by Casa stars Jazmine Nichol, Jack Keating and George Tasker and Gemma's connection with Billy was a huge topic.

Discussing the fact that the pair had a mutual friend on the outside, and the flirting-in-front-of-Luca back in the main villa, Harriet questioned whether there could be a connection there.

George replied, "Thing is, the first day in Casa Gemma did say say to Billy, 'You know you can pull me for a chat if you want', but he didn't.

"He told the boys, 'Gemma did say that but I was so distracted with Paige' and I then always thought if things didn't work out with Tasha in the main villa Gemma is going to be the one he's going to go for. But Gemma and Luca are quite solid now.

"There is something there, I think he does bring her out of her shell a bit. Luca and Billy are very different."

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Even Adam Collard has been commenting on Billy and Gemma's connection.

When the Love Island boys asked Adam if he thought he might shoot his shot with Gemma, he replied, "I think Billy would maybe have a little bit of a better go than me, you know? I think he might be shooting for that, yeah."

Billy and Gemma have been getting close, even in front of Luca ITV Pictures

In the most recent episode, Gemma and Luca were seen discussing their future on the outside, with Luca admitting that he doesn't want to make her his girlfriend until he's met her mum.

On a cute beach date, Luca opened up to her, saying, "I haven’t met someone like you before. I think it’s rare to meet someone like you."

But could Billy still throw a spanner in the works?

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