Made in Chelsea’s most popular couple revealed and really? REALLY?

The controversial pair are Made in Chelsea's most couple ever, apparently

Rosie and Louise from Made in Chelsea look shocked at a fancy tea

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Strap yourself in for a surprise. Made in Chelsea's most popular couple has been revealed and, honestly, they're not the people that would have sprung to mind first for us.

But apparently this controversial couple came ahead of absolutely iconic pairings including Caggie Dunlop and Spencer Mathews, Jamie Laing and Lucy Watson, and EVEN Gabriella Ellis and Ollie Locke.

Gabi and Ollie from Made in Chelsea look sad
Forever one of the best MiC couples in our hearts ©E4

So, drum roll please. Made in Chelsea's most popular couple is... Maeva D'Ascanio and James Taylor. Based on research. Research!

Maeva D'Ascanio and James Taylor
Maeva D'Ascanio and James Taylor attend a party for a cleaning brand in 2022

The research (research!), conducted by online casino company Online.Casino examined couples that met or featured together on a UK reality TV show together based on: each couple’s combined Instagram following and engagement rate, search volume by couple, and online article mentions in the last year by couple.

Sounds legit.

But are James and Maeva legit as a couple? We really hope so, for baby Beau's sake if nothing else, but it's no surprise to find that not everyone buys into their telly love story....

Made in Chelsea co-star Miles Nazaire and Love Island's worst ever stripper, Charlie Radnedge – who are actually besties – have a podcast now, called Playtime. And the first episode was released in November 2022.

We'll be honest – we weren't expecting much. We anticipated mild lad banter, a plethora of inside jokes, a HEFTY amount of posh hard palate laughing, and a VERY light spillage of Made in Chelsea / Love island tea (not even worth mopping up, tbh). What we got was a TSUNAMI of tea and we were left drenched.

It didn't take long for Miles to bring up his infamous relationship with Maeva. If you're an avid viewer of the series, then you'll know that Miles joined the show in 2018, a couple of months after the pair split. Maeva joined the show later down the line, because DRAMA.

Miles revealed, "I think there’s a lot of rumours that I broke up with Maeva before the show – that never happened. A lot of people don’t actually know what happened; everyone is judging on what they’ve seen on TV. What they’ve seen on TV is not even half of it – they’ve seen the ending.

Miles Nazaire
Miles joined the cast of Made in Chelsea in 2018, just two months after his split from Maeva ©Getty

“I went on the show two months after the break-up with Maeva. Maeva and I, unfortunately, it wasn’t a cheating scandal – it wasn’t anything to do with that. We were just not meant for each other near the end. We had three years together and, to be honest, I’m the one who instigated the break-up because I was really unhappy.”

He then touched on his his true feelings for both Maeva and his former friend James when he learned they had got together – and honestly, the ep is worth a listen just for that. It's safe to say, Miles didn't brush the coupling off lightly when he first learned how serious it was.

After a serious helping of scorching behind-the-scenes Made in Chelsea tea, Miles revealed his true feelings for Maeva and James, saying, "We’ve had very civil conversations; we respect each other now. We’re not friends, but I’m happy for them."

He then added a rather backhanded compliment, "They’re happy – well, I don’t know if they’re happy; I’m not in their relationship.”

James Miles Made in Chelsea
James and Miles were close friends back in 2019 ©Getty

Miles continued, “They’re together, they’ve got this life ahead of them; that’s it. No beef. No problems with James. No problems with Maeva."

No, all sounds fine, tbh.

And just when you thought the passive aggression had sizzled out, Miles – who was close to James in his first seasons on the show, only to later learn he had hooked up with Maeva and the pair were pursuing a relationship - revealed that at least a part of him still believes they got together "in spite of" him.

He concluded, “It may have started in spite of me, to attack me, because he didn’t like me and she wanted to hurt me, but now they’re happily engaged.”

In other news, both Miles and Charlie confirmed that Maeva has an open invitation to guest on their podcast with them, and frankly, that sounds better than Made in Chelsea.

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