Made in Chelsea: the cast’s jobs outside the show

From selling a business worth £1m to owning their own lingerie company

by Hannah Mellin |

Made in Chelsea is centred around the lives of the incredibly privileged and wealthy, so it's easy to think that a lot of the cast were born into money (this is true for most of them, tbh), but that doesn't mean any of them haven't worked a day in their lives.

Thanks to a pricey education and the need not to worry constantly about money and the cost of living (sigh), some of the cast have gone on to craft pretty impressive careers. There is a lot of social media influencers and models, but that isn't the case for everyone.

Take former cast member Jamie Laing, for example, who founded Candy Kittens in 2012 and is still successful a decade later. Or Sam Thompson, who has gone on to become a huge force in TV and TikTok.

OG star Spencer Matthews has officially gained the title of richest cast member, as he's rumoured to be worth a whopping £47 million.

The current cast of Chelsea might appear to go out for brunch and drink Whispering Angel all day long, but some of them actually have pretty impressive full-time jobs and side hustles. Who would have thought it?

Digby Edgley

Floppy haired Digby now models all over the world alongside taking part in the show, but before fame he was a personal trainer and semi-professional golfer.

Emily Blackwell

As well as influencing us all on social media, Emily is model and the director of her own lingerie company, UYC London.

Gareth Locke

Like many before him, Gareth's main job isn't actually being on the show or flogging things on Instagram. Nope, by day Gareth is currently a self-employed fashion business consultant and strategist. He has also been commercial, director at luxury clothing brand Holland Cooper, which specialises in tweed clothing.

Ollie Locke

In the very first episode of MiC, Ollie was introduced as a nightclub manager and spent five years running venues on the Kings Road. The show changed that though, as he swapped guest lists for filming with his pals in swanky Chelsea.

In 2017, Ollie Locke co-founded the dating app Chappy. The app has the aim of being to improve the dating app scene for gay men, and expand further from centring purely around sex. He sold the app later the same year for £1m. He now focuses on TV and business ventures.

Harvey Armstrong

Prior to MiC, Harvey was a city boy and worked as a chartered accountant at PwC. He also runs his own start-up, prime time lager, which creates vegan, gluten-free and low calorie lager.

James Taylor

Aside from his rocky dating life (he's finally settled and is expecting a baby with Maeva D’Ascanio), James is a pretty big deal in business and comes from an extremely wealthy family. He works in sales engineering and will be taking over the business one day in the future. He even recently relocated from London to the country with Maeva for work.

Julius Cowdrey

Outside filming, Julius is a singer, songwriter and record producer and he recently pursued a career in life coaching.

His mum Christel is an award-winning author, writer, voiceover professional, interior designer, mediator and coach.

Maeva D'Ascanio

The French babe is an influencer and all-round social media star. She's also an ambassador for luxury jewellery brand, King Jewels London.

Olivia "Liv" Bentley

Liv's saucy job as a nude photographer has often made it onto the show and she even met her ex-boyfriend Digby Edgley during a shoot. Alongside her love of shooting, Liv is also a social media influencer. Despite rumours, her family isn't related to the founder of Bentley Motors.

Miles Nazaire

SW1 is full of influencers and social media stars, but Miles' commitment to the 'gram trumps everyone else. The French native previously worked for Knickerbocker TV and M.N pictures but he's now an fitness influencer and YouTube sensation (he's got his own channel called Extra Miles. 10/10 for the name choice) as well as being a TV star.

Reza Amiri-Garroussi

As well as being Sam Thompson's BFF, Rez states on Instagram that "he's in tech". So take from that what you will.

We joke, Rez has actually worked at Unruly since 2016 as VP of Business Development EMEA (damn, that sounds so professional). Unruly was founded back in 2006 and, according to their LinkedIn page, the company uses 'emotional data to deliver brand-safe awesome advertising to 1.2bn people'.

Ruby Adler

As well as being a social media sensation, Ruby also works as a model for huge agency STORM models.

Sam Prince

As well as being the resident Chelsea scamp, Sam is an influencer, owns a tea business Forager Teas, a sustainable tea brand, that he founded during lockdown and owns houseplant company Bellr UK, which is also owned by co-star Tristan.

Tristan Phipps

Prior to his time on MiC, Tristan was a safari guide and he still spends loads of his time in Africa. He's also worked as South Africa travel specialist and is a keen cyclist, boxer and skier.

India Hovenden

India is a model and is signed to huge agency MOT Models. She is also well connected in the media industry and used to work as an executive assistant at Vogue magazine (that's PA to the editor for all your non media types) and Fresh Fitness Food.

Verity Bowditch

Verity runs her own vegan food company and is co-founder of Clean Kitchen Club, which has an aim of bringing plant based to the mainstream. The company has sites in Soho, Camden and a third at Battersea power station coming next year. Verity, who previously worked in sales and account managing, also now runs pilates classes. Not bad, huh?

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