Sexy Beasts: WTF is this new Netflix dating show?

Have we had one too many coffees, or...?

Sexy Beasts Netflix dating show trailer animal prosthetics

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With the annual discourse around a lack of diversity in the Love Island casting in full swing, Netflix has chucked out the trailer for Sexy Beasts; a brand new dating show that could never be tarred with the same brush.

Why? 'Cause it's a load of ANIMALS appearing on the show in their bid to find the one.

Yep - the internet's in actual meltdown over the trailer for Netflix's latest bizarre creation; which sees its contestants don some really-rather-disturbing animal prosthetics in what they claim to be the 'strangest blind dates ever.'

But, hey, who are we to judge? This whole fox-meets-dinosaur situation will probably prove successful and leave us questioning - once again - why we STILL DON'T HAVE A BLOODY PARTNER.

Sexy Beasts Netflix dating show trailer animal prosthetics

So, let's find out a little more about the show.

What is Sexy Beasts?

Sexy Beasts is a dating show which sees a load of real life single folk chuck on some elaborate animal prosthetics in a bid to disguise their looks and 'put real chemistry to the test.'

Alrighty then.

When does Sexy Beasts start on Netflix UK?

The show hits our telly boxes on July 21st 2021, meaning we're going to have to schedule viewing around our usual 9-10pm Love Island slot.

How weird can it be, though? Show me the Sexy Beasts trailer...

Don't say we didn't warn you, hun.

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Love Island 2021 official cast - heat and closer use this one

Sharon Gaffka1 of 16
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Sharon Gaffka

The first Love Islander of 2021 was revealed as 25-year-old Sharon, a civil servant and the operations lead for the department of transport. Ooo-errr. Here's everything you need to know about Sharon, including her pageant queen history.

Aaron Francis2 of 16
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Aaron Francis

Skincare kings and queens rejoice! We've found you the perfect guy. Aaron Francis, 24, is a luxury events host who, by his own description, "meets a lot of famous people." He's also a pretty big deal on TikTok and YouTube where he regularly blogs about his skincare routine. We are SWOONING already. Here's everything you need to know about him, including his links to the royal family.

Liberty Poole3 of 16
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Liberty Poole

Liberty, 21, is a marketing student and cheeky waitress, wait for Nando's. The dream. She's from Birmingham and describes herself as a 'social butterfly'. Aw. You can read all about her reasons for going on Love Island here.

Hugo Hammond4 of 16
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Hugo Hammond

PE teacher Hugo, 24, is Love Island's first physically disabled Islander as he was born with clubfoot. He's quite the sporty type, too, who has played cricket for England PD and teaches sport. You can find out even more about him here.Age: 24From: HampshireOccupation: P.E TeacherInstagram: hugo_hammond_

Shannon Singh5 of 16
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Shannon Singh

Scottish babe Shannon,22, is pausing her career in modelling for a stint at finding love in the villa. She has 153k followers on Instagram already and describes herself as a 'party girl'. Here's everything you need to know about Shannon.

Jake Cornish6 of 16
CREDIT: u00a9 ITV Pictures

Jake Cornish

Big, beefy and tattooed Jake, 24, who is from Weston-Super-Mare is fresh out of a seven-year-long relationship and hoping to make a fresh start in the world's most famous villa. Find out all his history here.

Kaz Kamwi7 of 16
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Kaz Kamwi

Hilarious Kaz - who is a TikTok dream - is a Love Island superfan who is now living out her biggest dreams. The 26-year-old a lingerie model, influencer and beauty blogger. Find out who is her type on paper right here.Age: 26From: EssexOccupation: Fashion BloggerInstagram: kazkamwi

Brad McClelland8 of 16
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Brad McClelland

Brad, 26, has never been on a date despite having a girlfriend. We're CONFUSED. However, this blue eyed labourer describes himself as a "gym goer and coffee lover" - could he BE anymore wholesome? Here's everything you need to know about the hunk.

Chloe Burrows9 of 16
CREDIT: u00a9 ITV Pictures

Chloe Burrows

Financial Services Marketing Executive Chloe, 25, is all about the good vibes and in her own words, will 'bring the fun to the villa'. We can't wait. Find out more about this sassy babe from Bicester here.

Toby Aromolaran10 of 16
CREDIT: u00a9 ITV Pictures

Toby Aromolaran

Footballer Toby, 25, is missing out on England potentially winning the Euros to find the love of his life. Now that's commitment. Like the look of this Essex lad who has never had a girlfriend, head here for all the goss.

Faye Winter11 of 16
CREDIT: u00a9 ITV Pictures

Faye Winter

Faye, 26, is Devon's resident diva and a lettings agent by day. She's taken a sabbatical from work to go on the show because in an ideal world she would 'love to go back' as she loves her career so much. Here's everything you need to know about Faye here.

liam-reardon-love-island12 of 16
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Liam Reardon

Welsh lad and bricklayer Liam, 21 (yes, really), made his entrance as a bombshell with Chuggs, according to his mates, he's got a reputation as 'Mr Steal Your Girl'. Read all about Liam and what he's looking for in the Love Island villa here.

chuggs-wallis-love-island13 of 16
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Chuggs Wallis

Bucket hat entrepreneur Chuggs, 23, - his nickname is a mixture of 'cuddles' and 'hugs' - is after a best mate in the villa. Find out his REAL name and his Made In Chelsea roots here.

rachel-finni-love-island14 of 16
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Rachel Finni

Luxury travel specialist Rachel is the definition of an independent woman. Despite being the oldest contestant on the show this year (she's 29), Rachel is convinced she doesn't have a type. Read everything about her here.

millie-court-love-island15 of 16
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Millie Court

ASOS Fashion Buyers Administrator Millie joined the show in week two as one of the blonde bombshells (along with Lucinda) and had her eyes on Liam. Here's everything you need to know about the fashion babe.

lucinda strafford love island16 of 16
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Lucinda Strafford

Fashion boutique owner Lucinda, 21, is set to ruffle a few feather in the villa. Lucinda likes 'em tall, dark and handsome as she's got her eyes on Brad McLelland and Liam Reardon. Here's everything you need to know about her, including her VERY famous ex-boyfriend.

Wait, haven't I seen Sexy Beasts on BBC Three before?

You have indeed. The original iteration of Sexy Beasts aired on BBC Three back in 2015; though Netflix has now picked it up and bloody run with it.

The BBC even roasted Netflix as they announced their version of the show, tweeting, "Say you’re copying our homework, without saying you’re copying our homework."

What's Catastrophe's Rob Delaney got to do with Sexy Beasts?

We all know the VoiceOver can make or break a reality TV show. Rob Beckett brings all the LOLs on Celebs Go Dating, Iain Stirling deserves ALL the BAFTAs for his contribution on Love Island and, now, Catastrophe star Rob Delaney's set to work his magic on Sexy Beasts.


So, there you go. A little run-down on the most bonkers new show on telly.

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