Love Island’s Lana Jenkins shows off ‘everyday’ lip combo and we can’t believe it’s under £13

And her fellow Islanders were fighting over the lip liner in the villa

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A super affordable lip combo used by a make-up girly girl/Love island girl next door? Erm, yes, please.

We love you, Miss Tilbury, but keeping up this perpetual glow is expensive af. Give us those cheap and cheerful finds any day, please, and if you're looking for a cheap 'everyday' lip combo under £13 then look no further than winter Love Island beauty Lana Jenkins' makeup bag.

Oh, and it actually transforms her lips.

Not that Lana needs to do that, but we certainly do (seriously, I'm a drag queen and I'm on a budget).

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Lana recently announced that she was bringing out her own lip kits with Rimmel London and not only are they cheap and cheerful, they are a daytime slay.

One of the kits is called Coffee Kiss, and according to Lana it is a "handbag essential".

"Firstly, [you get] the lasting finish Cappuccino lip liner. If you see me wearing a nude lip it's going to be Cappuccino. This is why it had to be in the kit. You also get a Coco Sugar Glassy Gloss."

That's fun to say out loud. Try it. With you new 'everyday' lips.

Is this ringing any make-up alarm bells? It should because the Cappuccino lip liner was the liner the Love Island girls were fighting over in the winter Love Island villa last year, according to Ellie Spence.

Yep, Rimmel's Cappucino liner is the budget beauty buy that Ellie swears by. She recently told heatworld, "The Rimmel Lasting Finish 8HR Lip Liner in shade Cappuccino is four pounds and it’s literally everyone’s holy grail.

"It’s sold out all the time but it’s the shade that suits everybody. I’ve gone up to the people that work at the make-up counters in Selfridges and I’m like “What lip liner are you wearing?” and they're like, “Cappuccino, Rimmel!” Obviously, they are, of course, they are. It's so hard to get hold of it, so if you see it in Boots, buy it!

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"Everyone was using it in the villa and when we got ready, we would have people come in and tidy us up to make us look aesthetic for the camera because we would rush sometimes. All of our stuff would be moved and we all would use Cappuccino by Rimmel. There was one left by the end and we were all fighting over it. Honestly, it’s the best lipliner you’ll ever use. It's £4. I went into Boots the other day and I saw it was in stock and I bought five."

Lana Jenkins and Ron Hall in the Love Island villa
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Lana first coupled up with now ex Ron Hall before finding herself having to pick Will Young when Tanyel Revan chose Ron to partner up with. Another spanner was thrown into the works for the duo when Aussie Aaron Waters chose to take Lana out on a date before choosing her in a recoupling forcing Ron to couple up with Tanyel again.

Lana then shocked everyone when she chose Casey O'Gorman over Ron when the girls had to pick at the fire pit meet-up. She instantly regretted the decision and told Casey as such. Cue awkward AF scenes of Ron and Lana kissing and cuddling in front of a heartbroken Casey.

In the next recoupling Lana and Ron FINALLY got together and neither strayed during the chaotic Casa Amor days and they stayed together until the final. They dated for three months IRL.

You can't tell us her epic lip liner had nothing to do with our Lana being an absolute man magnet in the winter Island villa...

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