Love Island fans convinced they spotted X-rated blunder

We can't get enough of his facial expressions


by Layla Iny |

Eagle-eyed Love Island fans have flocked to social media to point out a major blunder after it appeared one Islander had a wardrobe malfunction that left them rather exposed in a recent episode.

The awkward moment was pointed out by TikTok user who posted a clip suggesting that Casa Amor bombshell Deji Adeniyi was accidentally flashing a bit more flesh that he realised while lounging on the daybed.

“I think I need someone else to confirm what I’ve just seen on Love Island tonight because I might be wrong but Deji, my boy, that is tough,” she said as she zoomed in on what many were convinced was Deji’s, ahem, manhood.

“Did no one pick up on Deji’s ball hanging from his shorts 😭😭,” tweeted another social media user, while one more wrote, “Tell me they didn’t air Deji’s balls on national television.”

However, not everyone was sure, with many insisting it was nothing more than a shadow or Deji’s leg rather than anything X-rated.

Was Deji giving us an eyeful or was it just a shadow? We'll probably never know... ©ITV Pictures

“How everyone is seeing balls on Deji is killing me. That’s a bloody shadow you horny nonsense,” wrote one.

Another commented, “Guys it’s the light going through his shorts it’s a shadow look on the other leg 😂,” while a third added, “I thought the same thing then when he’s in another clip you can see it’s just his leg with light on it hahah 😂.”

Honestly, we’re not sure what to think. Will we EVER get to the bottom of this mystery?

Deji Adeniyi hasn't had a lot of screen time so far but any time he pops up on our TV he has us in absolute stitches and it's safe to say that 25-year-old account manager from Bedford, has quickly become a fan favourite after entering the iconic Love Island villa.

Deji originally came back from Casa Amor coupled up with Indiyah Polack, but was left single she decided to recouple with Dami Hope.

Deji then announced that he's keen to get to know Danica Taylor and “put 100%” into her but that fizzled out before they even had a chance to couple up. However, things are looking up following the arrival of bombshell Lacey Edwards, who locked lips with Deji on their first date.

Whilst he hasn't been involved in much drama, viewers have been commenting on social media about how iconic Deji is due to his funny facial expressions in the Movie Night episode.

One Twitter user said, "The villa needs a Deji cam" whilst another agreed saying, "Deji is just there to watch Love Island live in the flesh".

So we thought we'd have a look at everything you need to know about Casa Amor icon, Deji...

Why is Deji Adeniyi on Love Island?

Deji was totally honest when asked why he's on Love Island.

"My sex life is amazing but my love life is awful.I am the master of failed talking stages. My love life isn’t going the right way so one night I decided to apply for Love Island and now I'm here," he admitted before going into the villa.

What are Deji's plans for inside the villa?

Before meeting the girls in Casa Amor, Deji revealed that he'll "bring an energy that makes people realise that love is real!"

He added, "A lot of people take the power of love for granted and I hope people are more open to their sensitive side."

What is Deji like in a relationship?

"I’ve been single for ages. Personally, I feel like I’m an amazing boyfriend! If I’m 100% then people lose interest but if I don’t care then all of a sudden they’re obsessed with me - it doesn’t make sense!

"Maybe my type is wrong or the people I go for," he admitted.

How would Deji’s family and friends describe him?

Deji’s mum always calls him "the mysterious one and the sensitive one."

How does Deji get a girl’s attention?

"By not giving them attention! You give them 100% and girls know they’ve got you and then they start losing interest," he said.

Maybe that's why he's barely been on the screen because he's not giving the girls any attention...

Does Deji fall in love quickly or is he a ‘slow burner’?

A bit of both to be honest...

Deji admitted, "It's hard to bring down the barriers with me but once you hit that spot, I'm the biggest ‘simp’ on planet earth.

"By the end of the week I'll be in love, getting married by the second week, having kids by the third. But I’m very protective of my feelings."

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