Who is Made In Chelsea newbie and model India Hovenden and what’s her big secret?

She certainly brought the drama during the latest series

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No shade, but India Hovenden is about as cliche as you can get when it comes to new Made in Chelsea additions (no shade intended). Here are the receipts...

She lives in Chelsea, she only really leaves to go glam places like Mallorca (as we already know), she's a model for MOT models, she's stunning, she's PA to the Editor of Vogue (which gives her a whole new Devil Wears Prada/Emily in Paris angle), she works out more in a week than we've done our entire lives and she's stunning again. In summary, she's a bit of a vibe and we're fans.

And now she brings drama to the Royal Borough, so we're officially fan girling.

As well as being one of the newest additions to MiC, she has a pretty stunning TikTok presence – cause she's young and current like – where she's constantly teasing fans re her thoughts on Chelsea drama. For example...

India is of course alluding to her rather dramatic introduction to the series (series 24, somehow) in Mallorca here.

Earlier this summer, Made In Chelsea switched things up, by setting the series in Mallorca and airing an episode a night for five days on E4 – they also introduced FOUR new faces, including India.

We're used to bosses throwing one or two newbies our way but FOUR? It was like Christmas. Oh how the Made In Chelsea cast have evolved since the OG Spencer Matthews and Millie Mackintosh days.

The new additions to Made In Chelsea Mallorca, which aired on Monday 22 August were India (who joined the series with that "huge" secret), Issy Francis-Baum, as well as Malek Amro, and Willow Day.

It turns out that India was the mystery lady that Julius Cowdrey had in his bed on the same night as Tabitha Willett (awks). Earlier this year, Julius was outed for having had a mystery woman in his bed the same night he’d been on a date with Tabitha - which at the time, he denied and said they were just friends.

Four years ago, India worked at Fulham spinning studio ‘Ride Republic’, where she first met Julius. The pair hit it off and had an undeniable chemistry, which later blossomed into romance, becoming ‘more than friends’ in June 2020. For the past two years, Julius and India have had an on/off relationship which she describes as ‘being boyfriend and girlfriend without the label’.

Having watched the Mallorca #dramz unfold, it's safe to say that right now the pair are very much OFF – as she keeps subtly/not-so-subtly stressing to her followers on TikTok, many of which reassure here time and time again that he "He did not deserve you!!"

Who is India Hovenden?

India is a reality star who joined the cast of Made In Chelsea in 2022 for series 24 in Mallorca.

How old is India Hovenden?

She is 25 years old.

What does India Hovenden do as a job?

India is a model and is signed to huge agency MOT Models. She is also well connected in the media industry and used to work as an Executive Assistant at Vogue magazine and Fresh Fitness Food.

Who does India Hovenden know in Chelsea?

Umm, who doesn't she know? India is a Chelsea girl through and through and is followed on Instagram by a whole load of present and past Made In Chelsea cast, including Ruby Adler, Olivia Bentley and Oliver Proudlock.

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