Indiyah Polack opens up about ‘dick’ Luca Bish

Love Island fans suspect producers told him to apologise after 'bullying' Tasha Ghouri

Love Island 2022 Indiyah and Luca

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Giving other outlets a shoutout isn't really the done thing when it comes to entertainment journalism, but when it comes to TikTok star Grace Keeling's Saving Grace podcast we can't rave about it or her enough; namely because the Love Island tea this queen manages to extract from Islanders lulled into a false sense of security is always PIPING and MESSY.

Her latest guest was Love Island 2022 queen of queens Indiyah Polack, who came in fourth place with boyfriend Dami Hope – and who is on par with Grace when it comes to being a consistent content ICON – so naturally, after an hour in Grace's chair, there was GOSS.

After a long chat about life after Love Island with Dami, Love Island producers and the girls flashing their boobs to keep tea-spilling off air (love it) – and a couple of silver tequila shots – the topic of controversial Love Island finalist Luca Bish arose.

Towards the end of the latest episode of Saving Grace, Grace asked Indiyah an array of fan questions including, "Was Luca as bad as he seemed [on Love Island]?"

Indiyah admitted that she hasn't watched any of the show back, but she's naturally aware of how Luca was perceived by many during the summer series.

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Indiyah branded Luca a 'wind up' ©ITV Pictures

She admitted, “Luca isn’t awful.

"He’s just a f-cking wind up and he knows it and he loves it.”

In other words, he's a real-life panto villain who gets off on booing, so keep booing, boos.

Naturally, Grace brought up his dramatic apology to Tasha Ghouri – after countless fans, including Gemma Owen's mum, accused him of bullying her on the show – and asked Indiyah whether the apology was producer-led. Although Indiyah didn't confirm either way, her reaction and death stare into the camera provides us with everything we need to know and more...

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©YouTube/Saving Grace ©© YouTube/Saving Grace

It's the halo for us.

Indiyah continued, “Do you know what it is? You know, like, stinky boys? As in like, what they’re saying is like their opinion. Opinions aren’t facts.

If you're in your 30s like us and aren't sure what Indiyah means there when she refers to Luca as a "stinky boys", allow us to share our Urban Diction Google with you. A "stinky boy" is "anybody that can take a joke and like to have a silly time (does not have to be a boy that is stinky)."

After our speedy Google, we pressed play again and Indiyah continued, “I feel like with Luca, he’s not a dick, well, he is a dick, but he’s the dick that knows he’s a dick. If he sees you getting triggered, he’s going to give it some more.

“But we’re ladies! Don’t be doing that to a lady.”

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Luca, who finished in second place with girlfriend Gemma Owen, also faced backlash once he was back home, after an awkward Instagram Live with Jacques O'Neill – one that some fans called "disgusting". During the Live, an Instagram user pretending to be Remi Lambert added a comment which cued the friends to sarcastically joke about the bombshell's rapping skills and career.

A fan – who has publicly called both Luca and Jacques out for "bullying" – sent a TikTok of the conversation to Remi via is DMs with the message, "Just to let you know a fake account under the name of remilambo0 was commenting on their live pretending to be you. I thought you were GREAT in the villa and I'm sorry you didn't get a proper chance on there. Guys like Luca & Jacques have zero self awareness and I believe you that you felt like they bullied you in the villa. I hope you're doing well and continue SMASHING it."

This then led Remi to share the video as a post on his Instagram feed and release a statement about Jacques and Luca.

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