Indiyah Polack talks about shaving her BUM in the villa and don’t try this at home

Hair free and care free, but at what cost?

by Ben Pulsford |

She might not have taken the Love Island crown this summer, but Indiyah Polack is still a queen of queens in our hearts and a quick Google and stalk on Insta will show she is RULING.

And like many iconic Love Islanders, she refuses to stop serving #dramz just because the Love Island cameras have been put into storage for the winter. She STILL has tea to spill and lucky for literally everyone ever, she was invited for a spilling sesh on GK Barry's iconic Saving Grace podcast.

And OBVIOUSLY the 2022 finalist didn't disappoint, because how could she ever?

Not only did Indiyah give fans an update on her and boyfriend Dami Hope (the pair came in third place on Love Island 2022), but she dished the dirt on the real Luca Bish (she used the word "dick" four times, FYI) and revealed what the girls did to keep their dirtiest of Love Island laundry from being aired (we're being metaphorical not gross there, btw).

Now she's out of the villa and conquering the likes of Instagram, TikTok and PrettyLittleThing, it's all too easy to put Indiyah on a pedestal and assume she's outgrown us as mere humans – well, forget that, because after revealing THIS story to Saving Grace listeners, she clearly wants us all to know she's JUST LIKE US.

Seriously, is there anything more human than a shaving blunder?

We won't get into it in huge amounts of detail on such a public forum (no offence Indiyah, you do you), but it's safe to say we've faced a few complications in the endless search for a, umm, a smooth life, so it's nice to know stars like Indiyah also share the same concerns as the likes of us.

She did, however, one-up our worst shaving story – we've never had to call a medic out after shaving our arse.

We know this is the kind of hard-hitting journalism you came for 🍑.

Towards the beginning of the podcast, Grace asked Indiyah, "Do you have to just shave in there (the Love Island villa) or do you get waxed?"

Indiyah responded, "We have to shave. But, there was a time, basically, we had like a challenge to do. I can't remember which one it was.

"It was a sexy one. Me and Danica [Taylor], because of the way the texts were sent, it was something like, 'Arse, or whatever'...we were like, sh-t, what if we've got to put our arses in the boys faces?

"Then Danica, she helped me in the shower, and I had these wax strips, and me and Danica were in the shower literally waxing my behind trying to get it all done for the challenge. That was the only time I waxed."

Luckily for all of us, Indiyah continued, "Literally, it was a waste of time. It wasn't even like sexy."

That tea spillage then led Grace to ask whether anyone got shaving rash, to which Indiyah responded, "I got shaving rash once and I had to call the medic."


She continued to bare all, "No, because it was so itchy! Obviously, I usually get a sugar wax and I couldn't get a sugar wax out there, so I had to shave every day. And then one day, I got a bit shaving-happy and shaved EVERYWHERE, even the cheeks! And you're not supposed to shave the cheeks.

"So I shaved the cheeks and within two days it was so f-cking itchy. It was awful. I called the medic."

She added, "Literally, I thought I was going to die. I was like, 'It's itchy, please can you help sort it out!' It was awful."

See. Just like us.

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