Indiyah Polack reveals ‘titting around’ that was AXED from the show

Seems like the REALLY juicy Love Island bits got left on the cutting room floor

Indiyah Polack Love Island

by Ben Pulsford |

Love Island 2022 icon Indiyah Polack really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Not only does she knock us dead off our feet with every slay of an Instagram post, but she's clearly taking all that pesky post-Love Island media training in her own stride. In that she's ignoring it and just spilling tea all over London.

Watch yourselves out there ☕ ⚠️

Dami and Indiyah Love Island

The Love Island finalist effortlessly stole our hearts this summer alongside boyfriend Dami Hope. And despite a few bumps in the road (we're looking at you enjoying your, ahem, Summer, Dami) the couple quickly solidified themselves as the ultimate 2022 couple goals. And thank the Love Island Gods they're still together; in fact, they're looking at flats together and our hearts are full.

Indiyah recently appeared on GK Barry's popular Saving Grace podcast to spill tea on everything from which Islander was the loudest in bed (spoiler alert, it was Tasha) to Luca Bish being a "dick". On top of all that – this really was quite the tea spillage – Indiyah even revealed some behind-the-scenes production gossip, which, for those that know us well, know is basically dirty chat to us. Titillating stuff.

Speaking of titillating...

After a couple of shots of silver tequila, Indiyah revealed that her the rest of the Love Island girls came up with a cunning plan to spill tea and ensure it wasn't aired to the British public – one that Love Island producers had no chance of working around.

Indiyah revealed, "Literally when we’re naked they can’t air certain things.

"In the girl’s room we always had our tits out. Literally, so whenever someone wanted to say something cheeky we’d be there talking with our tits out because we know they can’t air it. So we’d literally just be saying stuff we shouldn’t with our tits out.”

We're just glad Andrew didn't accidentally walk in on this; what with his tit-licking ways. That might've pushed him over the edge.

love island girls room
The girls' secret trick has left us SHOOK ©ITV Pictures

Side note, Love Island producers, if the world hurried up and actually freed the nipple, you wouldn't be facing this complication. Something to think about, EVERYONE.

We low key love this, though, and we're suddenly wondering whether this year's Love Island hunks came up with the same action plan using their X-rated appendages. Hmm.

Indiyah added, "It kind of makes me think literally everyone on the production will probably see what my tits look like."

She continued, "We said, to everyone, yeah, with like the girls, we could probably rate everyone's tits or know whose tits were whose without seeing the face, just because we've seen them that often. If you laid everyone's tits out on a table, I could tell you who they are."

Iconic isn't even a strong enough word after this goss.

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