Big Brother’s Kerry shares thoughts on Dylan following blazing Trish row and OOFT

Kerry has weighed in on THAT blazing Dylan and Trish row

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If you're anything like us – and we have the slightest of suspicions you are – you're still recovering from two major Halloween frights; having to spend last night nervously answering the door to Trick-or-Treaters (as a band of extroverted introverts) and that actual WTF Big Brother bust-up between Dylan Tennant and Trish Balusa. Phwoar.

Like, forget Fright Night – that was giving us Fight Night vibes. If you're too young to get that reference, respectfully, go away. We're fragile today.

As dead professional journalists we're supposed to remain relatively neutral over such matters, so we'll keep our personal thoughts brief. We'll simply say: TEAM TRISH.

Trish stands up to Dylan
Trish stands up to Dylan ©Shutterstock for Big Brother

An opinion we can share, however, is that of recent evictee Kerry Riches, who recently opened up to heat on the now infamous Halloween fight between Dylan and Trish.

For those who missed it, Noky Simbani and Trish's secret Halloween task left Dylan, Kerry and Olivia Young vulnerable to a random mid-week eviction. Despite Kerry actually getting the chop, Dylan and Olivia were not exactly understanding when they came face to face with Noky and Trish.

Kerry, who was being evicted (via coffin) while Dylan and Trish were coming to blows, has since watched the blazing row and shared her thoughts with heat...

Big Brother's Dylan
Big Brother's Dylan ©©ITV Plc

Speaking of Dylan, Kerry admitted, "I'm gutted for [Dylan]...that he felt the need to go in like that. I was also surprised that he that he didn't let the girls explain."

When asked how she would've handled things if she'd have stayed, Kerry said, "I don't like conflict. [I'm] not sure that would have happened on my watch. I’d have tried to do that and calm it down. I wouldn’t have let it happen, instead of all guns blazing."

During our juicy chinwag with this yummy mummy, Kerry also spilled the tea and what exactly was going on between her BB bestie Olivia Young and the ever-shirtless Paul Blackburn.

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