Big Brother’s Olivia Young lifts the lid on ‘uncomfortable’ scenes we never saw

'I kind of distanced myself from Paul and maybe took that out on Paul'

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We'll be honest, we have been drowning in Big Brother tea over the last few days (don't panic, though, we're REALLY good swimmers). It's all very well and good getting the tea one evicted housemate at a time, but when FIVE flippin' finalists all leave on the same day... PHWOAR.

On Friday 17 November, Jordan Sangha was announced as the winner of Big Brother 2023, but just before his crowning, finalists Noky Simbani, Yinrun Huang, Henry Southan and Olivia Young were ceremoniously evicted from the house one by one.

A few short days later (we gave them a couple of days as we heard the wrap party was HEAVY), we caught up with all our finalists, including Olivia (somehow more of an absolute queen in real life, btw), who revealed that despite her marvellous time in the house, there were "uncomfortable" scenes that were kept from the public.

Not only that, but those scenes revolved around her and her house bestie, Paul Blackburn.

Clarifying that there was absolutely nothing romantic between the pair (Paul, who has a girlfriend IRL, did the same a couple of weeks back), Olivia stressed that she adored Paul like an "evil twin brother", but said that constant speculation over the nature of their relationship from her housemates got to her.

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Speaking of her relationship with Paul, Olivia told heatworld, "I love him dearly; he is genuinely like my evil twin brother. He is naughty to be around and I’m the same. We like fed off that total mischievous [energy]. We had a ball, but he was genuinely like a brother. You wouldn’t kiss your brother."

Speaking of the rumours in the house, Olivia revealed, "It was baffling me and I always said it makes me uncomfortable to think that his girlfriend might be thinking that. I would know how I would feel if that was me. I would hate for another girl to feel like that.

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Olivia Young ©Shutterstock for Big Brother

Olivia explained that the ongoing speculation resulted in her "distancing" herself from Paul at times, which she believes Big Brother viewers didn't really get to see on the show.

She explained, "Whenever people would make jokes in the house it used to make me really uncomfortable; I felt at times I kind of distanced myself from Paul and maybe took that out on Paul, which I don’t think people saw a lot of. The days where that was making me feel uncomfortable I avoided Paul."

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Paul ©Shutterstock for Big Brother

A few weeks back, a recently-evicted Paul described his relationship with Olivia to heatworld saying, "I feel like the narrative of me and [Olivia] got pushed from the get go.

"But me and Olivia made it quite clear that we would never touch each other. We’d never go near each other. We’re just friends – there was nothing to it."

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