Dami Hope and Indiyah Polack speak out about cheating allegation

The Love Island finalist reveals 'arguments' behind the pair's fast-moving romance

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Is there trouble in paradise for another Love Island 2022 couple? We certainly hope not, but Dami Hope recently took to social media to explain what the hell happened that made him think his girlfriend Indiyah Polack was cheating on him. Buckle up guys, it's a good one.

In what was a harmless chat between Indiyah and his sister, Cynthia, Dami managed to misread an entire conversation which resulted in him grilling her. Indiyah went on to share the story on Snapchat with the title, "Story time of how my bf thought I was cheating last night when I was in fact texting his little sister."

In Dami's defence, the entire conversation was via Snapchat so we understand his concern. If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that Snapchat is one of the more suspicious forms of communication. Why does everything disappear? We need receipts people.

Indiyah was simply chatting to Cynthia about a movie and the girls were telling each other, "He's hot," in regards to the lead actor and hoping for another film to come out, with Indiyah messaging, "But it was good tho I need the next one😂"

Dami, however, truly got the wrong end of the stick and assumed Indiyah was shacking up with some other guy. Luckily, the truth soon prevailed and the couple found the whole situation hilarious.

"You cannot blame me for this," Dami declared with a laugh. In the video they shared, Indiyah is in fits of giggles and told her followers, "He was so calm and he was asking me all these questions."


The iconic duo laughed off the mild blip in their relationship and we sure are glad they haven't joined the multitude of Love Island couples that couldn't make it work outside of the villa. PHEW.

In fact, this pair have fast become one of our all-time favourite couples, mainly because of their absolutely top notch (or leng/solid for any Gen Z's reading this) red carpet game and overall banter skills. They don't take ever themselves too seriously, nor make us feel queasy with their Instagram content (ahem).

Following in the footsteps of fellow finalists Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Davide Sanclimenti and Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page, Indiyah and Dami have officially moved in together (we think in London).

However, despite this new open door of possibilities, the move itself clearly didn't come without its share of stress and aggravation – at least on Dami's part.


The couple both shared images and videos of their new abode on their Instagram Stories, but Dami's comments have revealed that the couple had an argument just before they moved in together, with the Love Island star even suggesting that Indiyah was "annoying" 😱😱.

We know he's only playing (we hope), but we don't want to see ANY cracks in this relationship whatsoever - not even a chip. In fact, just don't touch anything fragile.

Dami jokingly captioned (we hope!) an image of his girlfriend in their new home, saying, "When you just had an argument buy you still gotta move in."

In a separate post, where the pair can be seeing toasting their new love nest, Dami wrote, "Here's to annoying each other even more."


Please don't close this door, guys. You just got the keys to it. And that's kitchen workspace we could dream of.

Dami and Indiyah came in third place in this summer's series of Love Island, losing out to runners-up Gemma and Luca (although, does their break-up mean Dami and Indiyah are now automatically upgraded to runners-up?) and winners Ekin-Su and Davide (who from the looks of their consistent gut-churning PDA on Instagram are doing just fine).

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