Love Island EXCLUSIVE: Joe Garratt lifts the lid on ‘relationship’ with Joanna Chimonides

Joe and Joanna sparked recoupling rumours outside the villa

joanna chimonides and joe garratt

by Eden-Olivia Lord |
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Stranger things have happened in the land of Love Island but after they were dumped from the All Stars villa, Joe Garratt and Joanna Chimonides have sparked rumours they've recoupled.

During their short but sweet stint, Joanna was coupled up with Chris Taylor but then her head turned towards Joshua Ritchie and then Callum Jones. Whereas Joe only coupled up with Arabella Chi before getting booted from the villa after three days. Savage.

The duo were dumped from the villa together and shared a plane journey home together (it looks like business class to us), but after starring in a Instagram video fans went wild.

love island joe and joanna
joe and joanna were booted from the show together ©ITV

Posting a video of themselves drinking champagne before going in for a snog, Joe captioned the clip, "I’ve taken longer baths than my time in that villa 😂 maybe a third time lucky will be the one? 👀 #LoveIsland #AllStars #TwoJosInAPod."

Their followers went wild with one person writing, "THIS could be a thing though 😩."

Someone else said, "Kinda ship you two."

Another commented, "YOU NEARLY HAD US THERE".

So of course, when Joe joined us on heat's Under The Duvet - that's now a podcast, FYI - we had to get to the bottom of their friendship/relationship/recoupling.

"[The plane journey back] was fun. Do you know what, it must be so hard to leave that villa on your own. Kaz had to do it and honestly, I felt for her so bad.

"It's nice to leave it with someone and have that journey back home with them. So yeah, me and Jo get on really really well," he told us.

love island joe garratt and joanna chimonides
joe's cleared up any speculation surrounding his relationship with joanna ©ITV

Although, we continued to grill him a bit because what does "really really well" mean?

Are you more like siblings, friends or on the way to get married and have three kids?

"We were just playing around [with the TikTok]. I've known Jo for years.

"We had to kiss in a challenge and we were so weirded out but she's just a friend always has been always will be."

Well, that's that then.

Shame tbh because we would have loved for them to follow in the footsteps as Luke Mabbott and Lucie Donlan who recoupled outside the villa and are now engaged.

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