Love Island 2023 bombshell announces new career and it’s SPICY 🌶️

He set his sights on Jess Harding this summer

kodie murphy spicy content

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Despite what the name implies, very few young hotties actually every find love on Love Island; luckily, most of them aren't looking for love, they're looking for 'likes', so that works out.

As Love Island super fans it's been interesting to observe the movements of LI stars post-villa over the last ten years; back then it was all about getting those Instagram deals and maybe bagging you're own reality spin-off show, now it's all about that OnlyFans money – which, tbf, if you play the game as well as the likes of Megan Barton Hanson, makes that £50,000 prize money look like loose change. Saying that, they still ALL do Hello Fresh.

As such, we're thrilled to let the thirstier amongst you know that yet another Love Island star has turned to OnlyFans while riding that fame wave...

kody jess kady love island 2023
Jess, Kody and Kady ©ITV

Said Islander appeared on Love Island 2023 as a Casa Amor bombshell and quickly set his sights on two Love Island 2023 power players: Jess Harding and Kady McDermott. Sadly, Casa Amor can be a cruel mistress to those who aren't Lochan Nowacki and, as such, Kodie Murphy lasted just five days on the ITV2 show. Four months later he's gone on to launch his own OnlyFans, following in the footsteps of fellow Islanders like Ryan Weekley, Adam Collard and Shannon Singh.

Actually, at the time of writing this Kodie hadn't quite pressed launch on his saucy new platform (although we should stress that some OnlyFans creators use the platform to upload things like workout vids and recipes – snore – and we're not quite sure which direction Kodie is going to go with it and there, we've said it) at 6pm on Monday 27 November, according to his Instagram.

kodie murphy spicy content
The Love Island 2023 star is launching an OnlyFans page ©Instagram/kodiemurphy

We haven't budget to subscribe at this time of year, but after a quick glance, we can tell you that his bio reads, "21🌶️ | athletic | Drop me a message" and a monthly subscription will cost you $13.99.

Sadly we can't confirm whether Kodie's content will be mostly racy pics and vids or videos or just chilli recipes off that chilli emoji.

kodie murphy
Kodie appeared on Love Island 2023 ©ITV

Kodie entered the 2023 Casa Amor villa on day 27 and immediately set his sights on Jess and Kady (the latter briefly) – he's definitely got a thing for main characters – and was dumped on day 31.

During his exit interview he told producers, "I spoke to Kady but she understandably said we were at two different stages in our lives."

Speaking of Jess, he said, "With Jess, I tried my charm but sometimes when a girl has her mind made up, which Jess did, it was hard to change it."

He added, "Me and Jess really started to connect but then she decided she wasn’t feeling it. Jess hadn’t really mentioned Sammy to me, so I was surprised by how she felt."

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