EXCLUSIVE Antigoni Buxton explains why ‘unreasonable’ Paige Thorne moment annoyed her

'Can I just say, it did not happen in chronological order'

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Love Island bombshell Antigoni Buxton is a glorious ball of sunshine and seemed to make every single person in the villa fall completely in love with her (us too, tbf) until she was dumped after just a week (way before her time in our opinion).

However, there was a scene during Antigoni's time in the villa that caused a stir on social media when she was accused of being a part of a "mean girls moment" after a tense re-coupling saw Danica Taylor recouple with Jay Younger even though Antigoni had expressed an interest in him.

Antigoni was keen to get to know Jay before she was brutally dumped @ITV Pictures

After sensing that she was a little upset, Paige Thorne sat down with Antigoni, Tasha Ghouri, and Gemma Owen to discuss the situation and how she felt. However, when Danica and Indiyah Pollack tried to join in, Paige turned and said, "Girlies, do you mind if we have just a little catch up and then we can have a catch up together afterwards - just us."

The moment led to many labelling Paige "condescending" and "fake nice".

All is not as it seemed though, as Antigoni has said that it was "annoying" that a lovely moment was misconstrued and even edited completely differently.

Speaking exclusively to Harriet Rose on heat's Under The Duvet, Antigoni and Charlie Radnedge were keen to put the bad vibes to bed, and Antogoni said she was gutted to see that Paige was getting a bad rep.

Antigoni and Charlie joined our Harriet Rose under the duvet

She told us, "Social media made it seem like there was a cliqueyness when Danica came over.

"[Saying 'can you just give us a minute'] was just not that unreasonable like just for a second. Also, I say it how it is to somebody so I went and spoke to Danica afterwards. It was chill, it was no big deal it was just like 'oh no hold on can we just have a second'.

"They made it look like when I ‘shooed’ them away I said ‘I love you girls’ and can I just say it did not happen in chronological order. That happened about ten minutes later after the conversation."

She added, "It didn’t happen like that. It annoys me because I’m not like that, I wouldn’t do that. I spent so much time with Danica, we were both the single girls in there."

We're so glad that's been cleared up. #TeamPaige 4eva.

Paige's BFF also had a LOT to say about Jacques O'Neill's recent behaviour in Casa Amor, that has seen him crack on with new girls Mollie AND Cheyanne while Paige has been staying completely loyal and missing her man.

Ahead of tonight's re coupling (that is said to be the most dramatic EVER), Antigoni revealed that she will "be so upset" if Jacques twists, "Paige is literally the loveliest girl. We had a conversation when Jacques was first opening up to her and she was like, there’s certain things about him that remind me of my ex and it’s making me put my guard up.

"If she walks in and he’s standing there with a girl, she’s going to be so upset."

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