Love Island 2023: when does the summer series start?

We've not got long until the summer Islanders enter the villa

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by Sarah O'Byrne |
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Nothing says summer is here like a new series of Love Island.

Thankfully, with the introduction of winter Love Island in 2020, we've constantly got plenty of Islanders to obsess over.

The ITV show will be back this summer to give us some much needed sunshine and scandal and we're absolutely buzzing.

Now, because you've clicked on this article we reckon you're wondering when Love Island starts and honestly, same.

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tanya, samie and sanam on movie night ©ITV

We're going to be completely honest, ITV are yet to give us a definite start date, however it has been speculated that the next serieswill start on Monday 5 June.

That means that you’ve got just enough time to binge all nine UK seasons before it graces our screens for the tenth time.

As much as we love all the Islanders, here's hoping the producers will surprise us and switch things up a bit.

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the love island lot in south africa ©ITV

Earlier this year one fan tweeted, "They need to change the format of this show because every year the bombshells just go back to back while the OGs just coast the whole season it’s kinda not fair #LoveIsland".

Someone else said, "They need to change the format of the show. Like you can’t lips people unless you recouple w them. Cus these idiots think they can get away with this monstrosity #LoveIsland".

Another commented, "This season of #loveisland was vvv boring. The producers need to change it up for the summer series."

love island boys 2023
the love island boys and maya jama on day one ©ITV

One more added, "I appreciate them playing with the format but it just feels like clout chasing from the Australian contestants who’s seriously doing long distance from Brisbane to Bristol bye #LoveIsland."

During Love Island 2022, the public got to vote for the first couples in the villa but that didn't last long because by the time the winter version started earlier this year that idea had been ditched.

Here's hoping this year will be as iconic as the 2019 series or at least have strong couples like the most recent winners Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan.

Where can I watch Love Island?

Love Island is on every night at 9pm on ITV2 or you can catch up on ITV’s streaming service - ITVX.

Every Saturday fans can watch the Unseen Bits episode and the Sunday show is followed by Aftersun. Earlier this year, Aftersun was hosted by Maya Jama who was joined by former Islander Indiyah Pollock and Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson.

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