EXCLUSIVE Love Island’s Kady McDermott and Ouzy See call out FAKE couple

The recently dumped 2023 Islanders have savagely called out another couple

Love Island's Ouzy See and Kady McDermott looking at Ella Barnes and Mitch Taylor who are covered by a shocked emoji

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Although we hated to see them leave Love Island, we were secretly a little bit pleased when Kady McDermott and Ouzy See were dumped from the villa – but only because it meant that they could come and visit us at heat Towers to discuss all the drama from the show on heat Dates.

The strong contenders for Love Island 2023’s most gorgeous couple definitely didn’t disappoint when it came to spilling the tea either. Not only did they reveal what Scott van-der-Sluis is REALLY like, but they also lifted the lid on Mitchel Taylor’s ‘messy’ behaviour.

It didn’t end there though as Kady and Ouzy exposed the ‘fakest’ couple in the villa and they did NOT hold back in sharing their opinions.

Kady and Ouzy on Love Island
Kady and Ouzy have revealed who they think is the fakest couple ©ITV Pictures

So, who are the pair that Kady and Ouzy labelled fake? You probably won’t be surprised to find out they were referring to Mitch and his current partner Ella Barnes.

Mitch and Ella B’s relationship hasn’t been the smoothest ride, mainly because his former flame Abi Moores was also in the picture until recently, but it appears they’ve been forming a connection – one that Kady and Ouzy aren’t convinced is genuine.

“Going on actual connections, me and Ouzy had one. Ella B and Mitch is fake from both sides,” Kady said, which left our Harriet Rose stunned silence until the two-time Islander added, “It’s true and we saw that.”

Ella B and Mitch on Love Island
Kady and Ouzy aren't convinced Ella B and Mitch's relationship is genuine ©ITV Pictures

Kady continued, “In the villa, we’re with each other every second of the day. We know if there’s genuine connections or not. Them two are faking it.

“I get that they’re great to watch, but as from a connection point of view… there’s nothing.”

The series ends in just a matter of days and Mitch and Ella B are in with a chance of making to the final, although they may find themselves falling at the final hurdle.

Tonight’s episode (Thursday 27 July) sees the final five couples start to head out on their final dates, where they will have to choose who they think is the least compatible couples.

And given that Mitch told some of the boys that he thinks Ella B is fake, we wouldn’t be surprised if they find themselves at risk of being dumped.

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