Love Island EXCLUSIVE: Molly Smith exposes why she was TOLD OFF in the villa

We can't imagine telling off the queen of the Love Island: All Stars villa

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Now that the TV gold that was Love Island: All Stars has now come to an end, all that’s left to do is wait for the next series of the ITV2 dating show. Although it’ll be weird to return to the usual cast of newcomers, we have faith in the casting department to bring us the next generation of unforgettable influencers.

However, we’re not quite ready to say goodbye to what was, without a doubt, the best cast in Love Island history - as they should be, they're All Stars, they’ve had practice.

The first ever All Stars series gifted us some fan favourites, like Callum Jones and Toby Aromolaran, and it re-introduced us to some Islanders who we didn’t know we loved, like Arabella Chi and Joshua Ritchie. We’ve also got some promising new couples out of the season, so all in all, we’d call it a successful Love Island series.

Callum Jones and Toby Aromolaran Love Island
Callum Jones has solidified his nation's sweetheart title

While tanning and flirting in a South African villa may sound like bliss, believe it or not there are some downsides to appearing on Love Island. There are the dozens of producers telling you what to do and when to do it, as well as the oddly strict villa rules.

One such rule is that you need to stay on camera while the drama is unfolding, which may sound simple as it’s the first rule of filming a reality show, but it can also be taxing. At least at home, when we have an argument, we can actually leave. Or have more than the allocated two glasses of wine.

Even our winners, Molly Smith and Tom Clare, are not exempt from such rules. We sat down with the pair for the final episode of heat's Under the Duvet, and Molly revealed that she was told off when she tried to leave during a particularly tense situation - that infamous movie night.

Tom Clare Molly Smith
Tom and Molly were crowned the All Stars winners ©ITV

She said, “I actually did get up and walk off at one point and then got told to sit back down.” As if crying on TV isn’t bad enough, you’d need to redo it if the camera didn’t catch it.

She also admitted that the show is “a lot more intense and longer than it’s shown”. This makes sense since each argument is drawn out for the viewers at home. Thank you, producers.

For more Love Island goss from the latest dumped Islanders, make sure you listen to heat's Under the Duvet.

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