LOVE ISLAND EXCLUSIVE former cast reveal what Scott is REALLY like – and you’re not ready for this tea

Kady McDermott and Ouzy See have revealed the REAL Scott van-der-Sluis and WOAH

Scott van der Sluis and Abi Moores looking shocked

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Leave it to Love Island legend Kady McDermott to bring the piping hot/third-degree-burns-inflicting HOT hot tea to a heat Dates tea-spilling sesh. Try saying that three times fast.

Every week, we invite freshly dumped Love Island 2023 stars to our London studio to film an episode of our YouTube series, heat Dates, with our very own Harriet Rose. We recruit them the second their strappy heels/sliders/Crocs step foot back on British soil (that's not even a joke), and this week, it was Kady and Ouzy See's turn for a chin wag – and chin wag they did. Actually, chin wag is a serious understatement 😳😳.

Kady and Ouzy
Kady and Ouzy ©©ITV Plc

In addition to exposing the villa's "fake couple" just days ahead of the final and revealing the real reason why Mitchel Taylor is "moving messy", the stunning couple (seriously, IRL they're like walking filters) shocked the entire heat studio team by revealing what bombshell Scott van der Sluis is really like. Like, really REALLY like.

And we have to say, this is TEA... and, naturally, as we're talking about this series' golden boy who seems to have cast a spell over half the Love Island fandom with his hypno-eyes, we were intrigued.

Kady kicked off proceedings by explaining that Scott "can't take banter" in the morning, looking to Ouzy and saying, "He just flips [in the morning], doesn't he? The boys always banter each other in the morning and he will just go, 'F*ck off'."

love island scott
Scott ©ITV

That's gag one, there are five more to come, so brace yourselves.

Kady then told Harriet, "I love Scott, but he knows what he's doing with his game." That's gag two.

The conversation then steered to Scott and Catherine Agbaje, who were in a couple just before Casa Amor plagued the series, with Kady revealing that they "weren't compatible", and Ouzy adding, "I don't think Scott even liked Catherine." That's gag three.

love island catherine and scott
Catherine and Scott ©ITV

Kady then ramped up the tea-spilling a notch by revealing something shocking that Scott told her regarding why he didn't bring one of the Casa Amor girls back to the main villa. She revealed, "[Scott] even said to me he would've recoupled in Casa if the line-up was better. They didn't air that."

That was gag four – also ouch. Kady (who was the main tea-spiller here, surprise, surprise, you're picking up on that, right?) then alluded to Scott's general game-playing, adding, "Scott knew what he was doing. He used to say you need to be in there four weeks to be a be remembered."

Like, he's not wrong, is he? But it's another thing being a current Islander saying this stuff while still in the villa, isn't it? We're guessing that's why it wasn't aired. Oh, that was gag five, btw.

She continued, "Scott's great, I just don't know how genuine his connections or how he's been with things. I don't know."

It sounds like you really, really do, Kady McDermott. That was gag six.

Scott van-der-Sluis
Is Scott playing a game? Kady and Ouzy seem to think so ©ITV Pictures

Kady added, "People who are playing a game, you've got to salute them because it's hard work."

Kady and Ouzy then went on to reveal that producers had to constantly step in to stop Islanders from having conversations about how many social media followers people had gained while in the villa. The couple said that Mitch and Scott, in particular, were fascinated to learn their new follower count from late-arriving bombshells.

We knew Scott played a good game, but wowzers...

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