Love Island fans call out Coco Lodge as she throws more shade at Summer Botwe

Things got heated between the Casa Amor bombshells at the Love Island reunion


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If you thought all that Love Island drama ended the moment our Islanders landed back on UK soil, then think again – and thank Ekin-Su, really, or our laptops would be collecting dust this week. This year's Islanders are proving that, in fact, when it comes to Love Island, #dramz never dies (that sounds like an epic TOWIE series finale title, doesn't it? Make that happen, ITV).

If you've been keeping an eye on heat over the last week or so, you'll know there is major beef sizzling between Love Island 2022 Casa Amor bombshells Coco Lodge and Summer Botwe and that they both gave each other a MAJOR grilling on ITV2's Love Island reunion show on Sunday night. Can you tell we skipped lunch?

But, if you thought that bust-up was the end of their feud, you'd be very wrong indeed as Coco recently threw some serious shade Summer's way on social media. The graphic designer and ring girl lip-synced to the "Hmm, funny yes, but not funny haha, funny weird" sound in a very pointed TikTok, which was posted with the caption, "When they complain about the edit of the argument but the editing did them a massive favour 😂."

She added, "And that's all I've got to comment on it..."

While some of Coco's followers were loving the drama, with one writing, "The shade I love itttt," another called her out for "social media games". Another added, "When will you rest." However, it seems Coco is done talking about her feud with Summer as she replied to one fan in the comments section, "This is all I'm commenting on it. This is all you will get from me."

Similarly, Summer also vowed to never talk about her fallout with Coco again when one fan asked her about the shady TikTok during an Instagram Q&A.

"Funny cos she blocked me and still finds a way to watch me but we move, I've got nothing to say about the girl. If she wanted to say something to me directly she'd do it with chest ✌🏽," she wrote.

"I'm not commenting on this situation any further it's boring, I got bigger and better things to worry about RESPECTFULLY."

summer botwe coco lodge feud
©Instagram/Summer Botwe

It's not certain what Coco and Summer's explosive reunion argument was referring to exactly (as the passive aggressive reading was Drag Race level), although it's believed it's something do with Coco saying she was interested in 'shagging' fellow bombshell Josh Samuel Le Grove on a podcast - WHILE things between Josh and Summer were beginning to heat up.

The bombshells came to blows in front of show host Laura Whitmore, their fellow Islanders, and a studio audience, but according to one "hated" Love Island finalist, those watching at home only saw an ounce of the drama that really went down.


Dami Hope, who has been criticised by social media users for his "unimpressed" attitude at the reunion, piped up on the drama.

It began with Dami tweeting, "Are we gonna get the Coco Summer beef now."

To which a fan responded, "I'm assuming they didn't show it all..?"

Dami responded, "Nah, that was mid compared to what happened."

Following his criticism from Love Island fans on Sunday night, Dami tweeted, "Goodnight it's been fun, even if ya hate me I got nothing but love for y'all."

So what happens now? Will we ever really find out what happened between the two at this reunion show? A further tweet from Dami suggests we won't be left in the dark for long.

"I’m sure Coco will tell you guys somehow 🤣", he tweeted.

Cue shade rattle. To be fair, she has done a fair few interviews including - heat's Under the Duvet and Closer's Love Island Secrets.

Dami's account of the row matches that tweet by an eagle-eyed fan sitting in the studio audience.

The Twitter user known as @hattietoll spilled the tea, "Just been at the #LoveIsland reunion episode filming, very heated exchange between Coco and Summer production had to step in and close it down."

They added, "Summer made a comment about friends not being real friends on the outside, and Coco was trying to defend herself by saying 'It was all banter', kept going back and forth over the boys (Josh and Billy) for a fair few minutes, production obvs had no idea of context.

"Coco left after that exchange and we had to cheer her to come back in.. Luca ran over to Jay, Charlie and Antigoni's table to get the gossip as the reaction on the sofa was a bit mad".

It recently came to light Casa Amor bombshells Summer and Coco had unfollowed each on Instagram, which, in 2022, is almost certainly confirmation that these bombshells have exploded.

Summer and Coco became close pals in the Love Island 2022 villa and were even pictured together at a final viewing party, however fans were left convinced they were feuding over comments Coco made about Josh.

Summer and Coco have both unfollowed each other on Instagram

Viewers will know that Josh was cruelly dumped from the villa alongside Coco just as he began getting to know Summer and the pair had hinted they would continue their blossoming romance outside the villa, however Coco suggested that she was interested in him, too – well, interested in "shagging" him.

In an appearance on the Saving Grace podcast, Coco revealed all about her time with Josh in the secret third villa where the Islanders stay when they’re dumped. When host Grace Keeling asked, “Did you shag him?”, Coco replied, “No and I’m actually annoyed because I feel like I could have now.

“Talking to him now after, I’m like, I feel like it could have happened. He was like, ‘Oh, I’m horny’ and I was like, ‘Right, I’ma take myself to bed’ but I don’t know why I did that because sorry, he’s so fit!”

She added, “We are really close now, like we spend like every day like all day together and I’m like, ‘Just let me try it once’. I even said, “Just let me try once, please!”

Ahead of the reunion drama, Coco shared the following TikTok, adding fuel to the flames that alight these rumours...

In Summer's corner – and unfortunately there's no way to verify this tweet as it no longer appearing on her official Twitter - came a tweet ahead of the reunion show which read, "Coco is nothing but Twitter fingers. You don't know who or what you're messing with. The reunion is going to be lit lmao."

The alleged Summer tweet has now vanished, but not before being screenshot and shared by drama-hungry Love Island fans. Well done, gang.

This latest Love Island drama comes after Coco revealed she’s made up with fellow Casa Amor bombshell Jazmine Nichol after the Geordie beauty queen spilled the tea on a secret unaired argument they had in the villa.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Coco wrote, “Me and @jazminejaynenichol are all good. Such a beaut girl wish they showed her personality more on the show she’s hilarious 💗💗.”

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