Made in Chelsea: Yasmine Zweegers reveals high street mascara she swears by for filming

And the MIC's favourite mascara costs less than £15

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Made in Chelsea's Yasmine Zweegers went through a LOT during the Corsica series but she's managed to find the time to spill the tea on her favourite high street mascara.

If you watched the spin-off episodes you'll know that Yas broke down in tears after it came to light that she'd snogged and shared a bed with Sam Prince - aka her pal Inga Valentiner's ex-boyfriend.

Even though viewers saw Yas in tears, her make-up stayed intact and that might be because of the mascara she wears while filming for MIC.

Opening up about her make-up must-haves, she said on TikTok, "These mascaras are honestly so good. They're called Sweed and the bottle is so nice. Basically, if I want a dramatic look, I mix the two.

"One of them is a lash lift one and then if I want a calm mascara day, I just use the cloud one."

While those two mascaras cost more than £20 each (more on them in a sec), she also swears by a L'Oreal mascara which is just as good.

"I also really love the L'Oreal one. It's got two extensions - number one and number two - and I'm actually wearing it today.

"These three are my go-to."

And it turns out Yas' favourite L'Oreal mascara costs £12.14 and promises to "elongate and lift each lash." Sounds dreamy to us.

sweed lash liftLook Fantastic


Made in Chelsea's Yas swears by this mascara for a dramatic eye look.

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yas swears by this mascara
Look Fantastic


Yas is also a big fan of Sweed's cloud mascara which she uses for a normal natural eye make-up look.

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Yas revealed that she LOVES L'Oreal's Pro XXL Extension Mascara too.

Yas has briefly spoken about the Corsica series on TikTok and admitted, "I'm trying to take a mental break from talking about Made in Chelsea Corsica because I think it was a lot.

"I'm just trying to work on me, focus on myself and try and reminisce on that... But I understand it was a lot for people to watch and I think a lot of people have a lot of things to say.

"It was hard when people make comments about it. Some people base their assumptions on facts and that's the one thing I can't stand. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but when it comes down to saying things that are just factually not true, it's annoying but what can I do."

Yas speaking out comes shortly after former MIC star Issy Francis-Baum spoke out about Yas and Sam's 'outrageous' story.

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