Erica Roberts exposes the two ‘misunderstood’ Married At First Sight UK stars

The bride has butted heads with Tasha Jay and Luke Worley

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Not long until this year's series of Married At First UK comes to an end and we know what that means; the contestants will be ready to spill ALL THE TEA from their time on the social experiment turned reality TV show.

As it stands they're already worming their way through the world of podcasts and sharing telling Instagram posts with passive aggressive comments, as well as just plain old aggressive aggressive stories. *Cough* Luke Worley *cough*.

Luke Worley
Luke was axed from MAFS ©channel 4

The Essex lad was booted off MAFS 2023 after an altercation with fellow groom, Jordan Gayle, and since then he's been creating mocking videos on social media and is caught up in a constant shade battle with Jordan.

Another person who found themselves at the centre of the drama is Erica Roberts. The Scottish dancer was matched with Jordan on the series and witnessed the explosive fall out between the two grooms first hand when Luke practically kicked the door down in order to confront Jordan.

For the first time in the history of probably ever, we are not exaggerating. Luke genuinely banged on the door to demand the truth from Jordan and even threw a punch. Well, attempted to anyway.

Jordan, Erica & Adrienne
©channel 4

We managed to catch up with Erica and chat about her time on MAFS and when we asked her who she felt was misrepresented and misunderstood we weren't all that surprised by her response.

"Me and Jordan are the ones who are most misunderstood," Erica declared and we understand where the Edinburgh bride is coming from as there is no denying the couple have received their fair share of backlash. "We're getting so much hate and I get it, we came in, we were new, we voiced our opinions, we had a lot to say."

Jordan and erica are 'misunderstood' ©channel 4

"But I feel like we haven't said anything that no one else has said, but we seem to be getting the heat for it," Erica continued, "I know people are gonna have their judgements on what they see, I get it, I roll my eyes. I'm very expressive with my face, my hands and that can be take in the wrong way. I completely understand that."

We, for one, are living for Erica and her eye rolls. It's giving bombastic side eye and we find it highly relatable.

erica's facial expressions are iconic ©channel 4

"But again, people need to remember it's an edited TV show and they will show you whatever they want to show. But I would definitely say that we were probably the most misunderstood."

Erica's nemesis turned frenemy Tasha Jay also opened up about the 'edit' she had received and was not happy with scenes that producers left out.

But that's the name of the game when it comes to reality TV, somebody is given an unappealing edit and the contestant usually has no idea it's them. Awks.

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