MAFS UK: Tasha Jay opens up on ‘upsetting’ scenes producers chose not to air

'I was more than happy to show that part of my life'

Tasha Jay

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When it comes to starring in a reality TV show, there is always a chance you're going to be lumbered with the dreaded 'villain edit,' and Married At First Sight is no different.

Some stars embrace the label, much like Love Island legends Olivia Hawkins and Coco Lodge who were both deemed as villains during their villa stint. The two even joined forces and posted a TikTok that featured Coco handing her 'villain' crown onto Liv and it's still giving iconic.

However, other stars aren't as excited by the title or their edit, this includes MAFS 2023 bride, Tasha Jay.

Tasha jay
Tasha isn't happy with her edit ©channel 4

The northerner previously spoke out about how 'nothing positive' was shown of her during her time on the show, especially after her run-in with co-star Erica Roberts but has gone on to expose scenes that were not shown and we're shocked.

We caught up with the MAFS star, who was matched with Paul Liba on the romance reality TV show, and asked her about her experience with fans since the show has aired.

Tasha and Paul
Tasha wish certain scenes were shown ©channel 4

"The response has been amazing - so much love and support and it is literally you can't go anywhere anymore," she revealed. "It's crazy," she added.

But Tasha also confessed that she wished certain elements were shown to viewers and is it just us or is she totally right?

"The support has been amazing and even online as well, I know there has been a lot of negative comments but I've had so much support off people with diabetes as well because as a type one diabetic, which just doesn't get shown in the show, which I'm really upset about, but I'd speak about it a lot on my socials."

Erica, Jay, Rosaline, Tasha ©channel 4

It hasn't even been hinted at on the show that Tasha is diabetic and she revealed that fans and followers alike were 'upset' it was not spoken about more.

"So people have been messaging me saying that they're type one, they're so upset that they didn't get to see more about it," Tasha went on, "their children are type one, and it's so nice to see someone in the public eye now that can speak about that. So that's what really warms my heart - the support from the diabetes side."

Tasha and Paul
Tasha and paul ©channel 4

Tasha also chatted about her 'husband' Paul and how he handled Tasha being diabetic and how important the experience was for them both.

"I believe that type one doesn't get spoken about at all, it's usually just type two. So I was more than happy to show that part of my life because that is my day to day life."

She explained, "If I don't do that, then I won't be here. That is just my life. And it was Paul adjusting to it. It was Paul learning about it. That was really good for me."

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