MAFS UK’s Erica Roberts opens up about her feud with Tasha Jay and we’re SHOOK

Erica also butted heads with Ella Morgan on the show

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This year's series of Married At First Sight UK was brimming with fights, both physical and verbal, and pretty much every single cast member was caught up in a screaming match at some point.

Now that MAFS 2023 has come to an end some of the drama has fizzled out, but some of it has very much, erm, not.

Jordan Gayle and Luke Worley will be having an actual real life fight in the coming months, with them both promoting the boxing match on social media at every opportunity.

One fallout that nobody could quite comprehend was what the hell went down between Tasha Jay and Erica Roberts.

Erica, Jay, Rosaline, Tasha & Thomas.
Erica, Jay, Rosaline, Tasha & Thomas. ©channel 4

It all kicked off at what was supposed to be a relaxing spa day and after the episode aired, Tasha claimed "nothing positive ever gets shown of me".

Sharing a picture of herself and JJ Slater after the show's partner swap, Tasha wrote, "Since nothing positive ever gets shown of me, I will let you in on mine and @johnjoeslater's partner swap week.

"We had a lovely time, I taught JJ how to cook and wash his chicken, we had deep convos about our partners, gave great advice to each other and had so many laughs, so thank you @johnjoeslater for making me smile."

JJ Slater and Tasha Jay
Tasha opened up on Instagram ©Instagram/@johnjoeslater

Tasha's comments came after some viewers criticised her over her row with Erica, which all began during a boujee spa trip where the the contestants were playing a 'fun' game.

When we say 'fun', we mean for us. For them? Absolutely not.

Erica had also previously opened up about brides with "mean girl energy" with Tasha's name being thrown around but it looks as though it's all water under the bridge between the two.

During a recent Q&A on her social media account, a fan asked Erica, "Never got to find out what happened between you and Tasha? Did you make up?"

Edinburgh-born Erica shared a cutie selfie of herself and Tasha and replied, ""Still one of my most asked questions😂 it's all love now people @itstashajay🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻."

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Not only that, but another of Erica's followers asked her, "Apart from Jordan and Adrienne, who are you close to from the show? Ps LOVE you & Jordan."

Obsessed with the declaration of love at the end of the question.

Erica posted a photo of her in bed with Jordan and Adrienne [Naylor] and told her followers, "I probs speak to Rozz [Darlington], Bianca [Petronzi],Nathaniel [Valentino] and Tasha the most, but I get on really well with majority of the cast, except a couple x."

Absolutely here for the low key shade Erica has thrown at that one couple but it's the fact that she classes Tasha as one of the people she chats to the most that has us shooketh.

erica insta story

When the #spagate episode was airing, Tasha spoke out on social media and hinted that those scenes were heavily edited and it looks as though she might have been onto something.

"So much that you're seeing did not happen in the moment. The comments that were said, of course that was me," she began.

"You'll see the rest of the journey but f--k me, this is an edit. Look at it. One minute Jay [Howard] has her coat on and then she hasn't - but it so happens that everything is happening at one moment? No.

married at first sight tasha
tasha has hit out at the show's edit ©Instagram / itstashajay

"And please remember everyone is f--king human and I don't want these comments under my pictures - grow up."

She went on to add, "I understand people have an opinion, that is absolutely fine but don't bring it to my Instagram page.

"We are all still f--king human and this is an edit. This is a TV show. A reality dating TV show at that point."

Tasha speaking out comes shortly after Erica urged her followers to be kind to everyone.

erica roberts instagram story
©Instagram / ericarobertss_

"Thank you to everyone for all the love and kind messages, I want to keep my page a positive space," she wrote on her Instagram Story.

"I love your support but please keep the comments kind for everyone."

The MAFS 2023 reunion episode will air next year and as far we are aware Tasha and Erica will both be atteniding, by the sounds of things, potentially together.

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