MAFS 2023 reunion announced and some stars have been SNUBBED

The series might have ended but the drama certainly hasn’t

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GUYS, it's happening, everybody stay calm. EVERYBODY. A Married At First Sight UK reunion special is coming to our TV screens and there is already hella dramz.

Channel 4 has revealed that the MAFS 2023 class will be meeting up once again for a one-off extra-special episode and we finally have an air date.

The special will be aired Monday 26th February at 9:30pm, and this along with the trailer was confirmed by Laura Vaughan herself.

She posted the announcement to her Instagram, and based on the trailer, it's going to be an explosive reunion. The video already has thousands of likes and comments, all buzzing to see what the cast have been up to for the past five months.

While we can't wait to catch up with the cast, it turns out not everybody has made the guest list.

mafs cast
get ready for chaos ©channel 4

Shock shock horror, Brad Skelly and Luke Worley DID NOT make the cut. That's what happens when you misbehave, boys – you don't get invited back.

Among the couples who will be making an appearance at the reunion is Peggy Rose and Georges Berthonneau and we reckon it'll be awkward viewing because they've split since the reunion was filmed.

Erica Roberts and Jordan Gayle also received invites, as did baes Tasha Jay and Paul Liba, and based on the trailer it will be a memorable night for them. We're also hoping Erica and Tasha speak out on their new found friendship.

erica and Adrienne
©channel 4

In classic MAFS style, the contestants will head off to the countryside to enjoy a dinner party and, we assume, a bucket-load of rows and revelations.

Although Laura will be making an appearance, it doesn't look as though Arthur Poremeba, whose heart she broke in the finale, will be joining them. Not all that surprising, really.

Although Luke's name has been missed off the list – probably because he nearly kicked the door down on his way to confront Jordan – his ex Jay Howard will be tagging along to catch up on the merriment and mess of life after MAFS.

Luke and Jay
jay will return but Luke will not ©channel 4

Adrienne Naylor will also be on hand to voice her opinion and we cannot wait to see how she interacts with Matt Pilmoor now that he's moved on to Shona Manderson - both of whom will be attending the dinner party.

Truly, last year's cast of MAFS are the gift that keeps on giving.

Finally, Ella Morgan and her glamorous self will be at the reunion as will Rozz Darlington and Thomas Kriaras; anybody else hoping he makes a mid-reunion costume change into that shark suit?

Thomas mafs
©channel 4

There are fair few names missing from that list including intruder couple, Sean Malkin and Mark Kiley as well as OG pairing, Terence Edwards and Porscha Pernelle; neither of whom are still together.

Unsurprisingly, Nathanial Valentino won't be turning up to enjoy the meal and we have a sneaking suspicion that's a personal choice after he called a certain co-star every name under the sun. Ella's other ex-lover, JJ Slater is another name not on the invite.

Not only will we be provided with this surely chaotic meet up but get ready to return Down Under as it turns out, "the one-off special will air on E4 in 2024 ahead of the launch of Married at First Sight Australia’s latest series."

Channel 4's words by the way, not ours.

mafs cast
mafs cast of 2023 ©channel 4

But WAIT, we have more, as we can also confirm MAFS UK will return for series nine later this year.

We don't have an exact launch date yet but that's enough excitement to look forward to and is exactly how we want to head into the new year; watching a bunch on UK and Aussie adults row over a cold meal and bottles of Prosecco.

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