MAFS UK’s Jay Howard lifts the lid on ‘toxic’ scenes after Luke Worley split

Jay and Luke called it quits outside the MAFS experiment

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The season finale of Married At First Sight was a rollercoaster of emotion, filled with ups and downs and outcomes we never saw coming - and that was just between Peggy Rose and Georges Berthonneau.

Don't pretend you thought that the couple were going to decide to stay together; we ALL thought Peggy and her little house on the prairie life were never going to accept Georges and his squatting ways.

But we were more than happy to be proven wrong and now Peggy has gone and announced a saucy new job; perhaps Georges open-minded nature is rubbing off on her and her, erm, traditional mindset.

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mafs cast ©channel 4

Another surprise came when it was revealed that Jay Howard and Luke Worley, who were booted out of the experiment, were no longer an item.

heat managed to chat exclusively to Jay about what went down with Luke once they left the show and the Lancashire bride opened up about life after MAFS 2023.

"So it was very unfortunate that we left when we did because it was upsetting," she revealed, "But it was bittersweet at the same time."

jay and Luke
Jay and Luke have now split ©channel 4

"At that point, we'd kind of had enough anyway because the arguments and the drama, it is a bit toxic when you're in there, especially for that length of time and you don't speak to your family and friends and things."

During their time on the show, Jay and Luke hit it off right away but chaos ensued when Jordan Gayle claimed Luke had made some less than savoury comments about his designated bride and the two grooms ended up in an ACTUAL fight.

"You do get kind of consumed by the whole experiment, if that makes sense. It's literally your life for the whole three months. So then when you do get put back out into the normal world, it takes a long time to adjust back to normal life."

Luke and jay
Luke and Jay ©channel 4

"Literally, when we got told that we were leaving, yeah we were sad, however, it were like a massive weight that had been lifted off our shoulders."

Luke was axed from the show after the fall out with Jordan and seeing as her groom was leaving the show, there wasn't much point in Jay sticking around and they left in a couple.

Jay will be returning for the reunion, which is set to air in 2024 but to the surprise of no one, Luke has not been invited back. Awks.

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