Rozz Darlington reveals secret message she sent Thomas Kriaras BEFORE their wedding

Luke Worley also confessed to 'communicating' with bride Jay Howard before the ceremony

Rozz and Thomas

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This years bunch of MAFS UK stars are ever so naughty.

And we're not talking about Georges Berthonneau and his not quite x-rated content.

Georges ©channel 4

Luke Worley, who has decided to take on the role of this season's troublemaker, previously confessed that he had some communication with his 'wife' Jay Howard before the wedding day.

In case you didn't realise that is a BIG no-no in the world of Married At First Sight, the show is called Married At First after all, it's not called Married At Second Interaction.

Luke confessed that he and Jay shared 'secret messages,' and he even sent her a gift before their big day and it turns out he wasn't the only one.

We caught up with MAFS 2023 bride, Rozz Darlington recently, who revealed that she sent a secret present to her future 'husband,' before the ceremony and it was all very Rozz.

Rozz sent a secret present to Thomas ©channel 4

When we asked, "what contact did you have with Thomas [Kriaras]? Or any of the cast?" the florist turned reality TV star dished all the deets.

"I got Thomas a pair of socks with all my face plastered on them so he'll never forget them," she told us, "I just thought it was funny because I was actually gonna get him a willy warmer, but I thought, 'Best not! That's a bit forward!' So I got him that instead."

We aren't even a little bit surprised by the secret socks Rozz sent to Thomas, nor would we have been shocked if she had indeed sent him a willy warmer.

But Rozz went on to say that it wasn't until after their big day he opened the gift, as the socks would have given away the element of surprise.

rozz and Thomas
Thomas and Rozz ©channel 4

"I don't think he was allowed to open them, obviously, because he would have known what I look like," she admitted, "But I sent him them before I got married, it was like, a pre-married gift. And then I think after we married, he was able to open them obviously because it had my face on," she added.

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