MAFS UK’s star lifts the lid on ‘calculated’ and ‘game player’ cast

Terence Hall calls out fellow MAFS cast as 'calculated' as he is accused of 'cheating'

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Another day, another dramatic story surrounding the romantic hopefuls of Married At First Sight.

Surprisingly, this one isn't centred around Brad Skelly and his current antics but another groom who has decided to call out his fellow wedded cast.

From cheating allegations, insulting their partner and whatever the hell is going on between Thomas Kriaras and Rosaline Darlington, the experts have their work cut out for them.

Adding fuel to the fire, is party boy and all-round lover of fun and chaos, Terence Edwards.

the mafs stags
MAFS Stags (L-R) Georges, Paul, Terence, Nathanial and Arthur. ©channel 4

Terence was matched with Porscha Pernelle by the experts and the duo have had a tumultuous journey so far, to say the least. After a relatively happy wedding day it went downhill on the honeymoon and only after chatting with the experts and opening up, have they managed to get back on the same page.

But let's be honest they are on thin ice.

Speaking exclusively to heat, we asked Terence what he took away from the experiment and who he felt he 'bonded' with on the show - other than his 'wife', obv.

"I say stay true to you. That was one of the two most key things," he confessed in regards to what he learnt from the experts, "I wasn't a game player, wasn't trying to do, you know, tactical moves. I stay true to myself throughout the whole process."

porscha and terence
porscha and terence didn't hit off right away ©channel 4

"But actually, sometimes I can take a step back and just reflect and watch people's behaviours," he went on, "And it's weird to see already, within a two-week period, just people's characteristics changing and certain people who was close with others are now changing as well."

In classic reality TV star style, Terence didn't name any names concerning the 'game-player' or 'characteristics changing,' which is all very boring if you ask us.

"I never really get involved with the gossip and stuff or stuff, I hear last minute. So that's been quite interesting to watch," he added, "And just people who were probably a bit more calculated when they've done things, and now watching and I'm like, 'You smart f***ers. You lot think you're smart but I can see what was happening.'"

Here's to hoping once the entire series has aired Terence will open up about these 'smart f***ers' he's talking about because from our view of the comfy sofa, none of them have come across as Nobel prize winners quite yet...

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