EXCLUSIVE: MAFS UK’s Thomas Kriaras reveals what REALLY happened with Rozz Darlington amid sex backlash

MAFS UK's Rozz has been accused of 'gaslighting' her husband Thomas

Married At First Sight UK's Thomas Kriaras and Rozz Darlington during a commitment ceremony

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We’re over two weeks into the current series of Married At First Sight UK and while some couples are still going strong (Luke Worley and Jay Howard, for example), others are still struggling to connect.

Despite barely being able to keep their hands off each other at the start, cracks are starting to show for Brad Skelly and Shona Manderson – and then there’s Thomas Kriaras and Rozz Darlington, whose relationship got more awkward than ever after they decided to consummate their marriage.

Rozz admitted she’d slept with Thomas in the hopes of growing close after they failed to find a spark on their honeymoon, although Thomas hit back, “Sex with me isn’t a test.”

Thomas and Rozz on the sofa during a commitment ceremony
Thomas and Rozz struggled with their feelings after having sex for the first time ©Channel 4

Florist-turned-reality star Rozz also came under fire on social media, where some viewers accused her of “gaslighting” Thomas.

“Hang on a moment! Rozz had sex to see if she felt something and now is playing the victim and crying because she didn’t ’get the feels’. That’s not a way to build a relationship. And now she’s blaming him for his ways from past relationships for how she feels?” one posted on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Another added, “Thomas spoke about his ex making fun of his nose and now Rozz slept with him to see if she fancied him and she doesn’t. Knock to his confidence again.”

However, Thomas has spoken out to defend Rozz in an exclusive interview with heat. Although he admits he “refused” to watch the commitment ceremony back, Thomas told us, “Even just thinking that it was on took me back to that day, and the day was so awful. That nothing to do with Rozz.

“I feel like Rozz took all of the accountability when it was between both of us. We both consensually made the decision to consummate the marriage.”

He added, “It was me who me who initiated and it just escalated. What I've seen and what I've heard from the comments is that it was more like she initiated it and regretted it when really, we both did it, we both didn't actually get a chance to talk about it and the first time we actually talked about what happened was on that couch.

“I think people took her not being able to look at me as her just not being kind when really, she was so lovely. She was my rock, she was very good to me. I think she just really struggled with the whole environment.

“We are talking about our sex life in front of an audience on TV, knowing that it's going to be publicised for the nation.”

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