Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran make Jake Cornish cry amid feud rumours

The Love Island couple mocked the show quitter in a 'savage' post

Jake Cornish Love Island

by Marianna Manson |

Here's the thing about throwing shade...

If it's ill-timed, ill-placed, or just too blunt it can misfire and come across as a little darker than just shade. Shady comments are clever and thought-through; being mean is impulsive and, well, icky.

A recent TikTok posted by Love Island Season 7 star Toby Aromolaran, which included both Toby and girlfriend Chloe Burrows has gone down like a lead balloon with some Love Island fans.

The video shows Toby lip-syncing to an edit of his co-star Jake Cornish saying "you're my girlfriend" over and over again, with Chloe joining the video as part of the jibe. This could've been pretty funny, but some added context has left an odd taste in our mouths.

Toby captioned the video, "You’re my gurlfriend because you’re my gurlfriennd!", appearing to make fun of Jake's West Country accent.

The Love Island super-fans amongst you, might remember that late last year, Chloe revealed that she believed the least genuine person in the villa was, in fact, Jake. You might also remember that Love Island’s independent lady Liberty Poole revealed that she no longer speaks to her ex Jake, despite the pair insisting that they left things on ‘good terms’.

‘Jiberty’, who were together since day one, shocked us all when they called it quits just days before the Love Island final.

In the past, Jake has revealed that he doesn't "speak to any of the girls", adding, "they’re there and I’ve just gone this way,".

Right, that's enough with the Love Island history lesson, back to the here and now, and believe it or not, things actually get worse. According to a conversation in the video's comments, not only has Jake seen the video, but he was spotted "crying" in reaction to it.

A TikTok user commented, "Cheers mate. Jake's crying now."

Another simply said, "Savage 😂."

In response, one TikTok user who apparently goes to the same gym as Jake, caught him "crying", claiming "he defo saw this". They said, "I saw jake crying in the corner of my pure gym, he defo saw this."

Back to our conversation about throwing shade; this should be done between acquaintances in tounge-in-cheek good faith. If, indeed, this video caused Jake to cry, it is a total misdirect. The content may be funny (Jake DID say 'girlfriend' A LOT on his season), but the execution? MEH. And if Chloe and Toby aren't fans of Jake, then it's a double MEH.

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Who is Jake Cornish?

Jake is a reality star who is most known for appearing on Love Island season 7 (2021) and for his doomed relationship with Liberty Poole.

How old is Jake Cornish?

Jake is 25 years old.

What was Jake Cornish's job before the show?

He was a water engineer, but we're not sure if he headed back to his day job after leaving the most famous villa in the world.

What is Jake Cornish's relationship history?

Jake was in a relationship for a whopping seven years before he signed up for Love Island, citing lockdown as the reason for the pair going their separate ways.

And it seems he shares some of the same sentiments with 2018's Georgia 'loyal' Steel as he said, “Looks wise, always gone for blondes. But for me, the main thing is having respect and having good fun, and someone who will be loyal to you.

“I’ve had messages from girls that have got boyfriends and husbands. This is why I don’t trust anyone. Someone who is loyal really. But when I’m single, I like having a good time!”


What is Jake Cornish's Instagram?

You can follow Jake on @jakecornish7.

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