Love Island’s Dami reveals UNAIRED reason behind huge Luca fight

‘That didn't just come out of nowhere. It was building up.’

love island fight dami luca

by Nathan Katnoria |

The Love Island cameras have captured some iconic fights over the past eight series. Remember Anna Vakili confronting Jordan Hames over his flirty chat with India Reynolds? What about Ellie Brown dropping the C-bomb on Georgia Steel in series four?

Well, two of this year’s Islanders certainly gave those bust-ups a run for their money when Dami Hope furiously branded Luca Bish “fake” during Casa Amor after he suggested the Irish microbiologist should share a bed with bombshell Summer Botwe.

“Yeah, stop egging other people on man. What’s wrong with you? Just be real for once,” Dami fumed at the time.

Although the pair were able to make up and are still pals to this day, Dami has opened up about the fight in a new interview and revealed the real reason he hit out at Luca.

dami luca fight love island
Dami called out Luca for being "fake" during Casa Amor in one of series eight's most explosive moments ©ITV

Chatting to 2021 Islander Toby Aromolaran on his Fancy A Chat? podcast, Dami explained, “That didn't just come out of nowhere. It was building up. There were situations before Casa Amor – you know where people just talk the talk, say they're going to do so much stuff.

“Andrew was saying he's going to sleep on the daybed in Casa Amor and then all us boys – especially Luca – were like if one of us does it, we all have to do it. Now there's a turnaround where Casa has come and he's sleeping in the daybed.”

luca dami fight love island
Dami has accused Luca off egging on the boys to recouple during Casa Amor ©ITV

Dami revealed that Luca egged on the boys to couple up with the bombshells rather than stay loyal to their original partners as he continued, “There were loads of little things. The one thing that sparked it was all six of us boys were in the kitchen and Luca was like, 'You know what you guys should do? Five of you should bring a girl back’.

“I was like, this guy should stop talking because I am getting annoyed. If you're going to do what you're doing, do it respectfully. Don't try to coach us into doing these things if you're not in it. Those things were building up for me.

“We've squashed it. We’re moved on from it, but that’s where it kicked off.”

dami luca fight love island
Dami and Luca have now "squashed" their argument ©ITV

Dami’s comments come after fellow Islander Antigoni Buxton lifted the lid on Dami’s secret “kick off” in the villa.

Speaking to Harriet Rose on heat’s Under the Duvet last month, Antigoni said, “There was a moment, the whole thing with Gemma and Luca when Ekin-Su said about Dami's mind reading thing.

“Dami kicked off after. He was like to Ekin-Su, 'If you want drama, I'll give you drama'. It was gonna kick off."

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