Sophia and Cinzia’s hair braid: does it work on all hair types?

The duo brought out a 26" braid

Sophia and Cinzia hair braid

by Eden-Olivia Lord |
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If there are two influencers you absolutely need to know about it's YouTube duo and BFFs Sophia and Cinzia.

Listen, the girls that get it, get it and the girls that don't, don't...

We're still obsessed with their old GRWM videos (that's 'get ready with me', FYI), their travel vlogs and honestly? Them just living their everyday life in front of the cameras.

We also can't ignore the fact that their Instagrams are just dreamy and every single picture is on our vision boards.

Anyways, Sophia and Cinzia recently brought out a 26" braid with Lullabellz following the success of the 34" Grande braid and we've tried it out.

Now if you've had a browse of their Instagram accounts you'll know that Cinzia has a sleek short bob and Sophia has her blonde long locks.

However it turns out their new braid works whatever your hair length - it'll either add thickness to your already long hair or add length if you're rocking a short 'do.

PSA: if you want to follow in Sophia's footsteps and copy her exact ponytail she wear the shade honey blonde and Cinzia wears the shade dark brown.

Now as fab as Sophia and Cinzia look with their braids, we wanted to test it out ourselves and it's safe to say that we had different experiences...

Eden-Olivia, Deputy Editor on heat and Closer Online

I'm not going to lie when I first opened the Lullabellz package I instantly knew the ponytail wouldn't work with my natural hair LOL.

The hair itself is dead straight, sleek and shiny which means I'd have to either straighten my hair or use Lullabellz's Slick & Fix and Slick Back Down products that will help make my hair blend in with the braid. Otherwise, my naturally curly hair would not blend with the dead straight ponytail.

So I'd say if your natural hair is straight then you'll have no issues, but if it's curly you might have to straighten your hair or use the Slick & Fix and Slick Back Down products to help recreate Sophia and Cinzia's looks.

Also after having a browse on Lullabellz's Instagram their braid definitely has a range of 40 different shades as seen in the Instagram post below (you'll need to swipe through the pictures...

Aimee Jakes, Shopping Editor on heat and Closer Online

The first thing I loved about the Lullabellz braid is how easy it is to assemble. Sure, it's not my first clip-in hair extension rodeo (2016 was a wild time for me) but the weft of hair is handily split into three sections for you to attach onto your own ponytail and plait away to your heart's content. I choose the shade 'Mellow Brown' on a whim and I actually am pretty impressed with how it matched my own hair.

However, thanks to my blunt and shoulder-length haircut, I found it really difficult to smoosh in the shorter bits for that ultra sleek braid. I think I would master it with help of a bestie (a la Sophia and Cinzia) and perhaps gelling(?!) down some of the rogue strands.

All in all, I am taking this braid to my next festival and am excited for it to instantly make my outfit look put together, especially when I can't locate the plug sockets for my GHDs...

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