All the celebs who swear by Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter

It's beauty's worst-kept secret

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You can always rely on Charlotte Tilbury to create a viral beauty product. We all love the dreamy Pillow Talk range and the ultra-hydrating Magic Cream, and now it's all about Hollywood Flawless Filter for giving an unbeatable gleam. Honestly? It's everywhere and especially in your favourite celebrity's make-up bag.

Who needs Instagram's much-loved Paris filter when Hollywood Flawless Filter exists?

What is Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Flawless Filter?

As the name Hollywood Flawless Filter is somewhat vague, there has been a bit of confusion about how to actually use it. Is it a foundation? Is it a highlight? Should it be used under makeup or over makeup? Well, it turns out that it's kind of up to you.

On the Charlotte Tilbury website, they call it "A confidence glow filter, bottled" that has been inspired by the "perfecting properties" of social media.

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The website also states that Hollywood Flawless Filter can be worn alone, underneath, mixed in with or on top of your favourite foundation. So basically, you can do what you want with it and somehow you'll end up a glowing goddess. Well, we're sold.

Here are all of the celebs and influencers that swear by Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Flawless Filter...


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Gigi Hadid1 of 12

Gigi Hadid

If there is anyone we're going to take beauty tips from it has to be Miss Gigi Hadid. The model revealed ALL her beauty and makeup essentials in her Vogue Beauty Secrets video and we're obsessed with the fact that she mixes together a couple of Charlotte Tilbury products to create the perfect base for her makeup. She starts with the [Wonder Glow {href='' target='_blank' rel='noreferrer noopener nofollow'}) and then of course goes in with the Hollywood Flawless Filter. "I really like a base that doesn't look dry, so I like a bit of a glow but I obviously don't want to look oily," she reveals.

Ekin-Su2 of 12


Love island queen Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu rocked not only a fabulous bright red lip at the NTA's in October but the secret to her glowing complexion that night was in fact Hollywood Flawless Filter. Her go-to makeup artist Krystal Dawn shared the products she used for Ekin's skin on the night and of course, it was at the top of the list.

Sophie Habboo3 of 12

Sophie Habboo

Made in Chelsea star Sophie Habboo always has gorgeous dewy skin and once again, we can thank Hollywood Flawless filter for that. Sophie revealed to heat that she first uses Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream to prep her face, "Then I use the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter, which is really thin so I really like it."

Adele4 of 12


When Adele joined makeup guru Nikkietutorials on her Youtube channel to talk about her new album, the singer revealed some of her must-have beauty products. When talking about how she does her makeup when she's away from work she says," I'll literally just put on Charlotte Tilbury, that glowy thing. Then I put a really nice bronze highlight pretty much all over my face."

Chloe Burrows5 of 12

Chloe Burrows

In her makeup routine video on Youtube, Love Island babe Chloe Burrows raves about Hollywood Flawless Filter saying that it's one of the best things she's bought in her life. "I just pop it on my cheeks...I put it on my forehead, my nose. It's just so good to go under your makeup to give you a really glowy look." Thanks, Chloe, we're SOLD.

Phoebe Dynevor6 of 12

Phoebe Dynevor

Now, she might be slightly biased as she is indeed a model for Charlotte Tilbury, but when her skin looks THAT good we don't really care. Bridgerton's Phoebe Dynevor is frequently wearing Hollywood Flawless Filter alongside an array of other Charlotte Tilbury products. If we start using Hollywood Flawless Filter, does that mean we can be the 'diamond of the season' too?

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Saffron Barker

In YouTuber Saffron Barker's Get Ready With Me video she uses Hollywood Flawless Filter, sharing how she had to try it out as it's so hyped, "I've heard so many people talk about it and rave about it."

Lizzo8 of 12


For the Grammys last year Lizzo rocked a whole face of Charlotte Tilbury and she's been seen wearing it on red carpets ever since. Her makeup artist Alex Mayo frequently breaks down her makeup looks and time and time again we see an appearance from Hollywood Flawless Filter.

Mae Muller9 of 12

Mae Muller

Singer Mae Muller is also on the Hollywood Flawless Filter bandwagon and shared with heat, " The staple in my make-up bag is Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter and I feel like I'm not alone in saying that." Yes, Mae, you are absolutely not alone in saying that. She also shared how she loves having glowing skin and this is perfect for it, "It's not foundation, so it's quite light and fresh looking. It always makes me feel so much better when I have it on and makes me feel ready for the day."

Zendaya10 of 12


If Zendaya loves it, then we do too. She has worn Hollywood Flawless Filter on numerous red carpets including the Oscars. Her makeup artist Sheila Daley says that she mixed the Flawless Filter with Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Foundation for a bronzy look.

Yasmin Devonport11 of 12

Yasmin Devonport

Influencer Yasmin Devonport is a huge Charlotte Tilbury fan and discussing her self-care favourites with heat, she revealed, "I love Charlotte Tilbury in general, her concealers are great, her highlighters are great and her Hollywood Flawless Filter is amazing."

Kate and Lila Moss12 of 12

Kate and Lila Moss

This iconic mother/daughter duo both have fabulous skin and they both swear by Hollywood Flawless Filter for an extra glow. Kate is a model for Charlotte Tilbury so it's no surprise that she loves their products, but she's obviously passed this down to her model daughter Lila too. In her Vogue Beauty Secrets video, Lila says that it's great for evening skin tone out.

It's safe to say that we've been FULLY influenced and will be ordering immediately.

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