Mood rings are back! Here’s where to buy them for as low as £3

Our mood just got 10x happier tbh...

by Caitlin Casey |

From mini skirts to butterfly tops and low-rise jeans, Y2K is the trend revival that won't stop giving. Now, a complete blast from the past is taking over our shopping cart. Yep, that's right: Mood rings are back.

Remember those super cute chunky rings with a gem that would change colour depending on your mood? That's exactly what everyone is wearing this autumn, and they're even better than we ever anticipated. Even big brands like Astrid & Miyu, Claire's and ASOS have stocked up on the jewellery.

With everyone getting a bit spiritual and celestial, it's no surprise that these nostalgic rings have made their way back onto the scene. Our most cherished childhood jewellery is coming back with a vengeance, and we couldn't be happier.

Why do mood rings change colour?

Okay, we'll let you into a secret: these rings don't actually change because of your mood. We know, complete shock. How they actually work is by a change in the temperature, usually made by twisting rings or in different climates. The more you wear your ring, the more you'll be able to notice this change.

The real reason and way that these gems change are through the thermotropic liquid crystals inside them, that move depending on what temperature is around them. This will then reflect a different colour depending on the climate. Plus, they look super cool when they're changing in their technicolour ways.

This, however, doesn't take away from the fact that they can still technically reflect on you and the moods of the people around you because of your body temperature. With the colour-coded keys that often come with the rings, you can take a look into what the different colours mean. If you're particularly spiritual and connected to your crystals, you may find a pattern.

Sold yet? Here are our favourite trending mood rings below.

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Where to buy a mood ring in 2022

Astrid & Miyu Mood Ring in Silver
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CREDIT: Astrid & Miyu

This is the ultimate modern mood ring from Astrid & Miyu. Total faves on the jewellery scene, this mood ring changes through six different colours, meaning everything from creativity in amber to loving in purple. It's also available in gold if that's more your style. At £85 and made with sterling silver, you know it's going to last.

Daisy Street Exclusive mood ring in adjustable butterfly design
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Exclusive to ASOS, this Daisy Street ring is giving the ultimate butterfly mood ring that our jewellery set needs.

TheSpellShop Mood Ring
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We all recognise these kinds of mood rings. The classic band shape that changes colour around your whole finger, this is the one that reminds us of the 00s the most.

Reclaimed Eleusine Minimalist Mood Ring
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CREDIT: Amazon

Our cheapest option (but still with good reviews!), this Amazon mood ring is an absolute STEAL. Just know though, that it's made out of copper so it's a good bit of fashion jewellery.

Lisa Angel Sterling Silver Mood Stone Ring
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CREDIT: notonthehighstreet

Just because they're mood rings, doesn't mean they have to be low-quality. Invest in a sterling silver ring that will last forever - like this one from Lisa Angel that's only £16.

New Look 2 Pack Gold Mood Stone Rings
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CREDIT: New Look

We've got heart-eyes for these heart-shaped mood rings from New Look. They also have a set of three stacking mood rings (£4.99), if you'd rather a classic look.

Claire's Gold Filigree Round Mood Ring
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CREDIT: Claire's

To really get nostalgic, you'll want to get your mood ring from Claire's. Yep, it's still the plug for the best sweet jewellery and accessories - esp for those Gen Z trends.

Colour Changing Oval Ring
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Be bold and really show off your mood ring with this chunky oval choice. It's adjustable so will fit any finger size and really gives the nostalgia feel.

Reclaimed Vintage inspired unisex ring two pack with moodstone and butterfly in silver
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ASOS is the plug for fashionable but affordable jewellery - especially when it comes to y2k trends. Get a two-pack of a cute butterfly ring with a classic mood ring included. Less than £15? Say no more.

Claire's Best Friends Turtle Mood Rings - 2 Pack
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CREDIT: Claire's

Want something that really says 'friends forever'? These matching turtle mood rings for you and your bestie are super sweet.

Mood Rings and Mood Necklaces Set
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CREDIT: Amazon

Obsessed with the trend and want everything to get your hands on? Amazon have you down with this whopping set of nine mood rings and two mood necklaces. Everything you could want.

Claire's Rose Gold Evil Eye Mood Midi Ring
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CREDIT: Claire's

Alright, Claire's are pulling out all the stops on this one. Evil eye lovers, this one's for you where the pupil changes colour depending on your mood.

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