Luca Bish new show REVEALED following ‘bad editing’ on Love Island

He's turning his talents elsewhere 👀

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by Ben Pulsford and Neve Durrant |

Despite being runners up of Love Island 2022 - losing out to Davide Sanclimenti and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu - Gemma Owen and Luca Bish left the villa to a little bit of controversy following their rollercoaster of a journey in the villa.

Luca was the one to face the brunt of it, as he was the talk of social media where the narrative was his 'controlling behaviour' towards Gemma and 'bullying' towards Tasha Ghouri.

He recently spoke about his behaviour on the show, recently telling Grazia that he "went too far".

"Watching it back, I can hold my hands up and agree with that – I was. There are parts where I'm thinking this is not how I behave on the outside world. Why did I do that," he admitted.

He also revealed that the premise and editing of the show had a part to play, "When you feel so strongly for someone and then you're still getting put in situations because they [producers] are making us do challenges, throwing new people in there to play with your emotions and your feelings - I'd genuinely just had enough of it."

However, Luca is looking forward to putting the past in the past as he's just announced a brand new venture - he's getting his own telly show.

Yep, he's following in the footsteps of Chris Hughes, Kem Cetinay and 2021 star Toby Aromolaran by turning his talent to TV.

Sharing the news on Instagram, he wrote, "The ‘BISH N CHIPS’ show coming September 🐠🍟🎥. Link in my bio to subscribe now. So excited for this."

His announcement comes after Love Island Casa Amor reject Jazmine Nichol spilled the tea about the "bad edit" Luca had received on the show.

After not being picked to return to the main villa, Jazmine was very vocal about the show after returning home to the UK and spoke out about how the editing doesn’t portray what actually happened in the villa.

During an interview, Jazmine was asked who she had the biggest connection with, and to our surprise revealed, “The only connection I did have was with Luca.”

Luca is receiving a 'bad edit', according to dumped Islander Jazmine Nichol

“If I was even like making a coffee he’d come over and check that I was fine. I’d get him to talk about where his head was at, mentally and it was just like, it wasn’t just humour, it was mental like ‘are you alright?’ checking on each other and I needed that in the villa, so I’ve got nothing to say but love about Luca. He’s getting a bad edit," she explained on the Murad Merali podcast.

Jazmine then went on to reveal that she had even spoken to Luca's family, who also agree that he is being misrepresented on our screens, adding, “I’ve spoke to his family and they agree – it’s a bad edit.”

With Jazmine’s lack of screen time on the show, we are shocked to even hear she even spoke to Luca, let alone had a ‘connection’ with him. She went on to criticize the editing further, explaining how she believed that the Casa Amor girls “have been painted quite negatively”, after revealing that she was shocked at her lack of screen time, as “everyone said I was the life and soul of the villa.”

While we digest all of that, here's everything else you need to know about Luca...

Who is Luca Bish?

Young, wavy-haired fish-lover, Luca Bish (wait, didn’t we watch this film during lockdown?) seemed to be the perfect catch for Love Island 2022.

In the way that he is a hot fishmonger. Jokes aside, we had absolutely no doubt that Luca has zero problems reeling them in.

Now, don’t let those boyish looks fool you; this cheeky chappy had his eyes on the prize and beyond that – seriously, he suggested to ITV that he wants a Love Island baby.

In short: such a catch.

How old is Luca Bish?

Luca is 23, which means he’s as old as 10 Things I Hate About You.

What does Luca Bish do for a living?

Between us and Iain Stirling, we've hammered this home, right? He’s a fishmonger. We also like that his last name rhymes with ‘fish’.

Where is Luca Bish from?

Luca is from beautiful Brighton. Just imagine sharing some fish and chips with this one. He’d probably get you a decent discount, too.

Does Luca Bish have Instagram?

Yes, he does. You can find him in his grey sweatpants at @lucabish and, being purely speculative here (so don’t come for us), he hasn’t posted many pictures, which gives us a whiff of an image cull prior to his Love Island launch (speculative!).

Why did Luca Bish go on Love Island?

Luca said, "I want to marry Michael Owen's daughter".

Not really.

He actually said, "When you actually look back at Love Island, you can see how many couples it’s genuinely made. I don’t know how many kids Love Island has made but there are a few aren’t there?"

See, we told you! He’s broody!

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