Big Brother’s Dylan Tennant reveals major storyline that’s HIDDEN from cast

Dylan Tennant was recently evicted from the Big Brother house alongside Paul Blackburn

by Ben Pulsford |
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Big Brother's Dylan Tennant has been evicted from the house, which leaves us asking one question: just what the hell are the remaining housemates going to eat? Well, we know that Jordan Sangha is partial to a Pot Noodle with mayo.

The self-appointed house chef was evicted from the Big Brother house alongside Paul Blackburn in a barrage of boos which left both boys rattled. And we can confirm that, as we've spoken to both of the evictees.

We have to say, all things considered, both boys were in high spirits and were keen to let fans know the differences between what's actually going on in the house compared to what we're actually seeing. And yeah, it's safe to say that Big Brother producers have been taking notes from their Love Island counterparts ahead of this reboot.

Here's an example; according to Paul, his 'relationship' with Olivia Young was completely 'pushed' by BB producers...

Dylan Big Brother
Dylan ©(C) ITV Plc

As it turns out, the viewers aren't the only ones not getting the full Big Brother story when it comes to the goings on inside the house; according to Dylan, he had absolutely no clue that Jordan, Henry Southan and Matty Simpson were/are in a love triangle – which has arguably been one of the biggest Big Brother 2023 storylines.

Now that we think about, have any of the other housemate – apart from Trish Balusa, obvs – even spoken about the goings on of this ultra confusing throuple?

Big Brother producers, is that you, again?

Big Brother Henry, Jordan, Matty
The Big Brother 'love triangle' is made up of Henry, Jordan and Matty ©Shutterstock for Big Brother

Dylan revealed to us, "This love triangle thing has been a focal point of this whole series, which I had absolutely no idea was going on.

"The only time I knew that Henry and Jordan had a little kiss was during that lobster dinner and they shared a kiss."

He continued, "Me, Jordan and Henry had breakfast and coffee every single morning – because we were the first ones up – and I’m still oblivious to what’s going on."

jordan henry big brother
Jordan and Henry share a kiss ©Shutterstock for Big Brother

To be fair, Dylan, we're not ever sure Henry, Jordan or Matty know what's going on at this point.

As funny, quirky and adorable as Jordan is, he does seem completely oblivious to his own actions, so Dylan can be forgiven for missing this during the morning grogg.

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