Big Brother: Here’s where you can get THAT Henry Southan robe

Maybe Jordan can buy us one with his prize money

Henry Southan

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If you ask us, ITV's reboot of Big Brother was everything a diehard fan of the OG reality show could've wanted from a franchise return. In fact, it was downright iconique, and honestly, we've been a little lost since it wrapped (wandering around heatworld HQ like a Sim in a room with no doors).

While we're looking forward to the return of Celebrity Big Brother next year, we're hoping that ITV gift us Big Brother 2023 fans with a little reunion episode early next year or at least a pop-up Big Brother experience for us to peruse around. FYI, ITV, if you are actually considering this, we expect - no, we demand – that you track down the following Big Brother items and put them up on display: Kerry's mummy costume, Yinrun's big wig and Henry's cute af dressing gown.

And maybe that pane of glass that Paul, erm, kissed in the diary room. Who said that?

Speaking of Henry's dressing gown – which he quite literally wore every day – the man himself has finally revealed where his sartorial staple is from, so that the wealthier fans amongst you can go and purchase your very own.

Unfortunately, we mean that. Come on, the man comes from the Cotswolds and lives in Kensington... his dressing gown was never going to be cheap, was it?

Henry recently revealed via Instagram that his iconic robe is from – surprise surprise – Soho Home. It's known as the Soho Home House Robe and it costs £95 for us muggles and £81 if you're a member of Soho House (of course). Henry's is obviously beige, but the robe also comes in white, navy and grey.

Are you ready for the most boujie description given to a dressing gown EVER?

The website describes the gown as "a staple in House bedrooms and Cowshed spas, our House robe is great for unwinding post-shower. Crafted from 100% recycled polyester with an embroidered Soho House logo on the chest, the robe has a fluffy, soft texture and is designed with a hood for extra comfort. Gift it to a friend, or keep it for yourself for cosy, everyday lounging."

Henry in the Diary Room
Henry in the Diary Room ©Shutterstock for Big Brother

If you're looking for a more cost-of-living-frinedly dupe, a simple search on Amazon will point you in the right direction. You're welcome.

Henry entered the Big Brother 2023 house on day one and made it all the way to the final finishing in third place behind Olivia Young and winner Jordan Sangha.

Maybe you can get Jordan to buy you a robe in the other three colours Henry? £285 won't make a dent in his £100,000 prize money...

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