Kaz Kamwi reveals how All Stars producers interfered in Luis Morrison relationship

Kaz Kamwi was in a love square with Luis Morrison, Demi Jones and 'Messy' Mitch Taylor in the All Stars villa

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Bless, Love Island star Kaz Kamwi. By her own admission, her role on All Stars was less about finding love and more about being everyone's bestie/therapist. While we were obviously excited to see our queen back on our screens in any capacity, we were all manifesting a MAN for her second time around – alas, nothing but boys.

Actually, that's unfair; Callum Jones can be our man any day and Luis Morrison is almost 30 which is definitely a manly age. And to be fair, there was a little spark between Kaz and Luis in the early days of Love Island: All Stars, in fact, according to Kaz, producers had pretty much mapped out their love story before she'd even entered the villa; forgetting that they'd cast Demi Jones who also had her sights set on Mr Morrison.

Not the love story any of us wanted for our Kaz, but according to the legend herself, producers really did try to make, err, Kluis/Laz a thing.

Kaz and Luis
Kaz and Luis ©©ITV

Sitting down with her bestie and fellow Love Island 2021 star Toby Aromolaran to record an episode of his Fancy a Chat? podcast, the duo went into detail about their individual All Stars journeys spilling so much tea that it was giving a grimy service station Costa at lunchtime by the end of the ep.

Of course, Luis was a huge part of Kaz's All Stars journey and she recalled not stepping forward for him on day one and instead choosing buddy Chris Taylor because she was "shy". She want on to reveal that producers pulled her for a chat later that day as they were banking on her choosing Luis from the off.

Not Kaz disrupting the narrative on day one. Icon behaviour as per.

Kaz ©©ITV

Kaz told Toby, "When they were like 'step forward for who you fancy the most', Luis was the most my type, but because I had a rough idea who everyone else was and I didn't know him, I was like, 'I don't know, I've got too much anxiety.'

"[He] just reminds me of a lot of my exes and I'm trying to do something different, and then I was looking down the line and I was like, 'Chris, you're tall, you're sexy, I'm coming over there.'"

Kaz chose Chris over Luis on day one
Kaz chose Chris over Luis on day one ©©ITV

Kaz continued, "So that's why I stepped forward for Chris because I didn't really know. And then, yeah, I did get pulled to the side [by Love Island producers] that night because they were like, 'So, we thought your type would be Luis'. And I was like, 'He is. I'm shy...'

"Then I was like, 'I'll speak to him'. That's when I started to speak to him."

Just in case anyone was under any illusion that every decision and move made in that villa is not preordained by Love Island producers. Oh, well, at least it all worked out...

Oh wait.

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