Love Island’s Luke Mabbott in hot water as he ‘breaches rules’

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Luke Mabbott has been reprimanded on social media after an "oversight" on a recent Instagram post was seen to have "breached the Code."

The post in question was a TikTok in which the former Love Islander was promoting clothing from online retailer Boohoo Man. Though the video was a marketing post, Luke's caption simply read, "Outfit from @boohooman #boohooman," with no wording clearly identifing that it was an advertisement.

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In response, after a complaint challenged the post in question, the Advertising Standards Authority then stepped in to analyse Luke's wording, ruling that, "We assessed the post as it would have appeared in-feed on TikTok and considered that there was nothing in its content, such as ‘#ad’ placed upfront, that made clear to those viewing it that it was an ad.

"We therefore concluded that the post was not obviously identifiable as a marketing communication and as such breached the Code."

According to an ASA watchdog, Boohoo reached out to the 25 year old to remind him of his contractual obligations (which included making the post identifiable as an ad) and they said Luke has since agreed not to make the same mistake again.

The reality star has now amended the caption, which was originally posted on the platform on 4 November 2020.

In more Luke related news, it was recently revealed that the influencer's girlfriend, Lucie Donlan, was already thinking about marriage.

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Addressing the topic on her Instagram, the 22 year old responded to an assumption that she's "waiting for Luke to pop the question," and confirmed it by writing, "True .. 🤫👀."

The couple have now been dating for around six months and started talking after Lucie reached out to Luke once he had broken up with ex Demi Jones.

The pair's early relationship caused quite the controversy between Luke and his ex after Demi claimed that she thought Lucie had been talking with Luke while she was still with him.

Luke has since denied these claims, explaining rather that Lucie reached out "a week" after his and Demi's split.

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