Love Island’s Remi hits out at ‘disgusting’ Jacques and Luca for mocking Islanders

Tasha Ghouri throws support behind Remi following her 'bullying' experience

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Before Love Island 2022 wrapped for good, bombshell Remi Lambert revealed that he clashed with co-star Jacques O'Neill (one of the many Love Island fights that have occurred off camera) and that the former rugby player "ruined his time" on the dating show.

The feud has no been brought back into the forefront of Love Island headlines, following an Instagram Live – one that some fans have called "disgusting" – between Jacques and Love Island runner-up Luca Bish. During their Live, an Instagram user pretending to be Remi added a comment which cued the friends to sarcastically joke about Remi Lambert's rapping skills and career.

Naturally, many fans have criticised Jacques and Luca for their very public conversation and eventually, the conversation was brought to the attention of Remi.

Remi speaks out against Jacques and Luca following THAT Instagram Live

A fan – who has publicly called both Luca and Jacques out for "bullying" – sent a TikTok of the conversation to Remi via is DMs with the message, "Just to let you know a fake account under the name of remilambo0 was commenting on their live pretending to be you. I thought you were GREAT in the villa and I'm sorry you didn't get a proper chance on there. Guys like Luca & Jacques have zero self awareness and I believe you that you felt like they bullied you in the villa. I hope you're doing well and continue SMASHING it."

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This then led Remi to share the video as a post on his Instagram feed and release a statement about Jacques and Luca.

"Don’t know why they wasn’t kicked out for their behaviour to be honest"

The statement is addressed to Love Island's Instagram handle and reads as follows, "@loveisland ? I never joined their live so I didn’t comment actually. A fake account called remilamb0 did. Don’t know why these guys have such a problem with me, clearly got some serious issues they need to sort out.

"Everyone said I lied about the way I was treated in that villa, but this here is an example of what was going on whilst I was in there. Don’t know why they wasn’t kicked out for their behaviour to be honest. It’s not banter, it’s clear signs of bullying.

"I wish everyone could see all of the crap I went through. There’s 24 hours in a day and yous only seen like about 3-5 10 second clips of me out of the whole day, so you could never tell what was truly happening.

"Jacques said bad things about my appearance and the way I speak"

"Jacques said bad things about my appearance and the way I speak, whilst Luca was encouraging it. After about 3 strikes from Jacques I told him I won’t be speaking to him anymore in the villa. Later on he tried apologising to me but like 10 minutes after he started with the snide comments again. I’ve tried to avoid this guy multiple times but he always ends up starting again. I don’t know when it will stop."

Tasha Ghouri shows her support for Remi

The post has been liked and commented on by thousands of Instagram users. Notably, Love Island Tasha Ghouri (who famously had her own issues with Luca on the series), Amber Gill and Sharon Gaffka have all liked Remi's Insta post. Tasha appears to have also unfollowed Jacques on Instagram, following the incident.

Following Luca's alleged 'bullying' of Tasha, not only did Love Island fans make their feelings known but Gemma's mum also appeared to side with Tasha over Luca. It's worth noting, however, that since then, several dumped Islanders have insisted that Gemma is also obsessed with Luca and he's the victim of 'bad editing'.

Neither Jacques, Luca, nor Love Island bosses have responded to Remi's statement.

Last month, Remi said on Reality with Will Njobvu's YouTube series, "There was of lot stuff that wasn't aired – a lot of stuff going on. So basically, me and Jacques got into quite a lot of arguments and it just made my experience shit. It ruined it for me.

"You can't treat people like that"

"People were saying: 'It's because he's got a rugby persona'. But you can't treat people like that."

He added, "He was just trying to get on to me."

Remi then went on to claim that Jacques mimicked a lot of Islanders, adding, "It was so jarring but I was the only one to stick up for myself because he would always do that to people and I just like to stick it on him and say 'Shut up!'"

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