WAIT, does this picture mean the Tom Clare and Will Young feud is FINALLY over?

Besties Tom Clare and Casey O'Gorgman famously fell out with Will Young in 2023

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Celebrity feuds are not uncommon in the showbiz world – there's only so much room in that single spotlight, you know – and naturally, they're our bread and butter here at heatworld (don't come for us, you keep clicking on it) so we tend not to get emotionally attached to them.

But for some reason that doesn't count when it comes to the ongoing feud between winter Love Island's ex 'Three Musketeers' Tom Clare, Casey O'Gorman and Will Young. We just love all three of these boys.

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As such, we are constantly manifesting for this band of bros to get back back together and, to our utter joy, one recent Instagram story snap posted by Will's girlfriend Jessie Wynter has led us to believe that the fires of this feud are on their way to being extinguished. Maybe. Hopefully.

A little recap: Tom, Casey and Will met on winter Love Island in January 2023 and bonded instantly. Seriously, they even took baths in the villa together. In fact, shortly after Casey was dumped from the villa he mentioned that they might all move in together. They were the bromance throuple of our dreams.

However, fast forward to August 2023 and it came to light that Will had unfollowed Casey and Tom. Cue months of shady comments in the press, cryptic Instagram posts followed by flat out truths; suddenly Tom and Casey were a duo and Will and Jessie had moved into Will's family farm and shunned their Love Island lifestyle.

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Jessie and Will met in the winter Love Island villa in early 2023 ©ITV

Fast forward again to early March 2024 and All Stars winner Tom Clare told our friends at Closer online that he hadn't heard anything from Will or Jessie in months.

In fact, his exact words were, "No, I've heard nothing from them. So, not really too bothered to be fair."

Fast forward again to late March 2024 – and we've officially given up hope of a Three Musketeers reunion, btw – and Jessie is invited to Molly Smith's (yep, Tom Clare's girlfriend Molly Smith's) official Boohoo launch party and Jessie posts a snap of the pair living their best blonde girly girl lives together.

If Jessie and Molly aren't friends, they're certainly friendly (after all, surely Molly had some say over her own party's guest list? We can't help but notice Georgia Steel wasn't there) – does this mean their boyfs, Tom and Will, are now, too?

jessie wynter molly smith instagram

Tom was also in attendance at the party, which surely means him and Jessie at least said 'hello' to one another?

Yes, okay, now we've typed all this out, the phrase 'clutching at straws' comes to mind, but we'll take what we can get – these three boys brought out the best in each other on Love Island and to quote the crying girl in the assembly hall in Mean Girls, 'I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school... I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy...'

Yeah, that.

Can't we all just get along? We're taking this picture of Molly and Jessie as a good sign, but will continue manifesting for now.

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